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Basic overview of Audacity 1.2.6

  Grandad99 16:54 08 Aug 2013

Several years after buying the kit (lead and CD which includes Audacity 1.2.6) I have just started to use it to transfer some old cassettes to CDs.

Each side of a cassette records as a single track and I want to split this back to the separate ones. The Audacity online manual goes into great depth but I can't see how to do this simple job. (Wood and trees)

The specialised forums now cover version 2 and the only 1.2.6 ones I can find have been closed down.

I am familiar with very basic video editing and assume that audio is along the same lines. Can anyone give me an overview of how to do this - the steps and commands - or direct me to somewhere that does.


  hiwatt 17:09 08 Aug 2013

After recording the "single track" just highlight each track(you will see where they begin and end with the wave signal)and go to file and choose export selection as Wav or mp3(whatever format you want)and this will then convert that track.Complete steps with the rest of the tracks!

  Ian in Northampton 17:11 08 Aug 2013

Hiwatt tells it just the way I remember it from using Audacity to rip LPs to disk. It's somewhat time-consuming and tedious, but it's cheap and it works.

  Grandad99 18:19 08 Aug 2013

Many thanks.

  hiwatt 18:20 08 Aug 2013

I find once you've done it a few times it's really quick.Just go to the end of the track,click and drag back to the start then export the highlighted file.Then press delete and you're a the next track etc etc!

  lotvic 18:39 08 Aug 2013

Audacity® is a free program. The latest version is Audacity 2.0.3 click here

  100andthirty 21:26 08 Aug 2013

If you press ctrl-B, it brings up the title track. Go to the start of the side. Click on that position. Type the name of the track. press return. Move to the gap between the first and second track. Press ctrl-B, and enter the name of the second track. Repeat this for all tracks. Trim the end of the file to just after the end of the last track (much as you would with video.

If you do this, you can then use the "file - export multiple" to export all the tracks as .wav or .mp3 in one go, wifile having the track name as the file name. This is what I do.

  hiwatt 21:40 08 Aug 2013

Yeah that's another way to do it.I personally find it easier just highlighting from the end of the track and dragging back to the beginning and export individually but each to their own!

  Grandad99 22:10 08 Aug 2013

Oh dear, all went OK until I tried to write the 10 tracks to a CD.

I used 2 Audacity files to record the cassette. The 5 tracks on side 1 of the cassette totalled 16m 30s, the 5 on side 2 were 13m 30s. However the CD writer said not enough space for the 10 files in either WAV or mp3.

Looking at the individual files I see that each file has the total time of its Audacity file -i.e. 5 files of 16m 30s and 5 of 13m 30s in both WAV and mp3 formats.

Am I missing a step in the process?

  hiwatt 22:43 08 Aug 2013

No that's not right.A cd will hold up to 80mins? Which program did you use to burn them to cd?

  Grandad99 23:04 09 Aug 2013

I've tried the basic Windows media player and Ashampoo. They both show the total 5 track time for each file.

I think the problem must be when I export the individual tracks.

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