Basic, hassle-free antivirus/firewall for Win98?

  polymath 18:32 03 Jun 2007

Can anyone recommend a free/cheap antivirus product and ditto personal firewall (if integrated with each other, so much the better)? It needs to support Win98, and uninstall cleanly (I wouldn't mind a complicated uninstall, as long I can find instructions and it works). It's to bridge a gap while I can't use my favourite software. The gap may be longer than the normal 30 days of trial versions.
End of question (though details below in case they're useful).

I've used the same antivirus/security software (Trend PC-cillin) for years, and want to continue using it (to me it's worth paying for).
I use a 7-year-old computer, with Windows 98SE (and 8gb hard disk). I'll be buying a new computer (with WinXP), but not for a month or two.
Support has now stopped for the PC-cillin version I have (so no more antivirus updates), but the later version doesn't support Win98 (officially, anyway), so I can't get its antivirus updates any more.
Trend's excellent support people suggested the only workaround with PC-cillin, which is to download a certain 30-day trial version, with which I could get updates. Unfortunately, as my area can't get broadband it's about an 8-hour download; too long for me to do without landline phone calls (and a bit heavy on the phone bill).

  Kate B 18:43 03 Jun 2007

I doubt you'll be able to buy a new PC with XP on it in a couple of months' time.

  Alan H E 18:48 03 Jun 2007

Try for AVG free if you have a magazine disc you can probably get it of that.

  mocha 20:39 03 Jun 2007

Free Firewall for win98 click here

Free Anti Virus for win98 click here also this program only downloads small updates unlike AVG

Free AntiSpyware for win98 click here

Hope this helps.

  polymath 20:40 03 Jun 2007

Thanks for the warning, Kate. I'm trying to decide on XP v.Vista, and am currently more on the XP side (oceans of compatible software, support continuing another few years, value for money etc).
Whichever way it goes, my present system's not going to landfill for a while yet; believe it or not, there are things I like to do that I couldn't do on a later machine! (a home network is looking likely).

Thanks Alan - even better if it's on a PC Advisor cover disk I have, cos if so I can sort it now. I don't have all of them, (or any since March), but the chances are one's got AVG free). (I'm looking through the disks as I write; just CD versions that is, as I haven't yet got round to replacing the CD drive with the DVD one I bought ages ago!)

My computer's completely unprotected at the moment, (no antivirus or firewall), but I need for instance to receive & send some emails this evening. I'm trying to use the net for this forum only, till I get some protection.
Before I saw the size of the PC-cillin download, I uninstalled the old software, the first step in the new installation. I still have my old PC-cillin on CD, and I guess it would be better than nothing, although about 2 months out of date so far. But I don't know if a successful reinstallation's possible, with the WIN98 support gone.

  polymath 20:42 03 Jun 2007

And thanks Mocha! (our postings crossed).

I'll report back later.

  mocha 20:48 03 Jun 2007

For Free AntiSpyware click here this is a much smaller file than the one I pointed you to in my first message plus the first one(Ad-Aware) now doesn't seem to be FreeWare anymore.

  p;3 20:53 03 Jun 2007

since when is adaware not free?try this link perhaps?

click here

also these run well with win 98se

click here

click here

click here
and avg7.5
click here

  p;3 20:56 03 Jun 2007

moncha's link to adaware is to a version that is in the testing stage or 'beta'; ' Ad-Aware 2007 beta 7' as it states on the site ::))

  mocha 21:52 03 Jun 2007

Hi p;3,

I was trying to find the smallest downloads + updates + small footprints on computer as polymath has win98 and does not have broadband therefore has a limit to file size plus programs that will actually work on win98.

Ad-Aware mentions Commercial trial and is 16Mb. in size whilst Spybot is 5 Mb. in size.

AVG at times has large updates whilst Avast Antivirus adds to it's database daily by downloading virus definitions as required.

The Firewall was the only one I could find that was free (as requested) and would work with win98.


  p;3 22:08 03 Jun 2007

just been trying to download the avg exe to a floppy for the speed time on BB; looking at about 18 minutes::((

are we talking about win 98 or 98se?

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