Basic graphics card, need advice!

  chris86uk 21:07 13 Dec 2011

Hi everyone,

I've got a HP Pavilion S5300uk desktop computer which is currently only running integrated graphics. I'm not expecting anything spectacular but I'd like to (slightly!) improve it's gaming capability.

I'm running;

Windows 7 64bit, AMD Athlon II X2 215 [2.7GHz], 3GB RAM, 220w PSU :(

Also my computer is 'Slimline' which limits me to a card about 70mm wide (80mm external part), and 175mm long.

ANY suggestions would be massively appreciated, I've spent the last 4 days looking and it's so confusing!

Thanks for your time,


  Strawballs 21:59 13 Dec 2011



I think either of these will do

  chris86uk 22:55 13 Dec 2011

Thank you so much for you're reply!

  Ian in Northampton 12:40 14 Dec 2011

One thing to be a little aware of... Integrated graphics have come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years. Way back when, they were little more than a basic interface for your monitor - but now, integrated graphics are capable of much more (look at what Intel has achieved with its recent processors). So, what I'm saying is: a basic graphics card may not give you any perceptible improvement. I see your system include NVIDIA GeForce graphics which, while not an external graphics card, is almost certainly going to be more capable than the average integrated graphics subsystem, given that NVIDIA are a specialist graphics manufacturer. I'm not saying external graphics won't get you more/better - just a word of caution. You may want to raise your sights/budget a little.

  [email protected] 14:45 14 Dec 2011

Strawballs, I aplogise if I'm just totally missing it, but I see no mention of a low profile bracket on the ATI card that you have linked to which chris86uk will need if he has a slimline tower.

chris86uk, first thing to do is ensure that your motherboard actually has a PCI-Express X16 slot (the one about 10cm in length, and not approx 3cm). If it does then any low profile card should fit. Your PSU does concern me however and it may be worthwhile checking here first to make sure it's up to handling the graphics card you choose. If not then I fear finding a replacement would be difficult; these sort of towers often use non-standard fittings. If push comes to shove then you could always replace the tower, motherboard and PSU which would then allow you to use a full size graphics card, but the whole thing becomes exponentially more expensive. You would probably need a new fan for your CPU too if you went down that route.

For graphics cards: ATI, nVidia

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