BASIC 64 problem suddenly appears

  Phil_Clark 13:18 20 Aug 2018

I have a tower computer that is running Windows 10. I have programs that I have written myself in BASIC and these are compiled using BASIC 64.

All of my programs were running without problems until this morning UK Time (August 20th). Then I found that about half of these programs are no longer running. No error messages are appearing.

I have tried to recompile the offending programs: no change. Of course, I have rebooted the computer: no change. I have spent four hours with the Microsoft help desk and the best that they can come up with is that I install Windows 7 or 8 on my computer!

Does anyone know what might be going on here, please? Microsoft says that the programs aren't "compatible" with Windows 10, although they were until I turned off the computer yesterday. And it is only about half of the programs that aren't running.

Many thanks in advance for any ideas or assistance which anyone can give please.

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