LANDCRUISER 13:05 21 Oct 2004

Upon running b/s/a i found that i had 3 accounts showing 1/my name 2/administrator 3/a long number starting S-1-5-21-2966927733 & more,i have tried to delete these accounts,but the only one showing up on my pc is my name saying i am the administrator,i have a mesh pc,do mesh set their pc up like this or do i have a big problem, please help thanks in advance

  Trolley 15:32 21 Oct 2004

Have you had other accounts previously set up on your computer?

The long charactor code is the security code for a user whcih has been deleted in the past. Even though you may be an administrator, i believe (somebody correct me if i'm wrong), Mesh also set up an administrator account on the PC before it is shipped to you. That was should the PC go wrong and it be sent back to them, they can work on the system without requiring you to tell them all of your passwords etc.

It should be no big problem. You will not be able to delete the administrator account, nor the account that shows as a string of digits and numbers. They shouldn't cause a problem on your system though.

Is their any reason why you were running MBSA anyway? It is a business security tool mainly designed for analysing security on business networks.

  LANDCRUISER 16:45 21 Oct 2004

HI Trolley, the pc has been back to mesh for repair & was reformated,it came back to me & worked for a few weeks ok,i then had a problem & could not use the restore,as i have external h/d & backed up the pc on this external h/d i used norton ghost to return to good point & the pc has been ok,then a few weeks later i noticed the different accounts. When the pc had been returned to mesh before its never came back like this with 3 accounts set up,i keep all my personal data on the external h/d so that when the pc is returned to mesh they do not have my personal data & if i had not used mbsa i would not have known that 3 accounts had been set up,mesh should not have my personal info anyway, how do i get rid of these accounts do i need to use the recovery disc & start from scratch again or is there a way to get these accounts of my pc

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