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  Jebiah88 15:41 11 Jun 2010

Not sure if this is the right secion please move it if it isnt!

Basically i want to make a gaming rig but i want to buy an older desktop and upgrade as im going im not looking for an ultra graphics beast i just want something basic that will play MMORPG's well enough, so basically can anyone recomend a good cheap system to start with? Will probably buy something off ebay for cheap then just upgrade what is needed, any thougts welcome


  citadel 07:58 12 Jun 2010

something with a core 2 duo cpu, 2g memory, you should be able to get a hd4850 included now, a lesser card would do but its nice to have the detail high in games.

  gengiscant 07:59 12 Jun 2010

Hello again,what is your budget?

  Jebiah88 10:29 12 Jun 2010

I wanna get a starter oc for less than £200 then upgrade it to the spec i want either that or build a rig from scratch for £400

  gengiscant 10:43 12 Jun 2010

Does this include operating system?

  Jebiah88 10:46 12 Jun 2010

I can do without it as i know someone witth xp discs

  AL47 10:57 12 Jun 2010

will be very difficult, id be looking at used parts

  gengiscant 11:01 12 Jun 2010

What about monitor?

  Jebiah88 11:03 12 Jun 2010

Nope i dont need a moniter i already have one :) literally just need the tower

  gengiscant 11:11 12 Jun 2010

Ok, pricing a couple of choices at the moment,

  Jebiah88 11:12 12 Jun 2010

Ive seen some refurbished ones on ebay that could be a good start...

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