Barton/Thoroughbred 266/333

  explicitlyrics100 18:12 18 Feb 2004

Im looking to build a computer and would like to get a processor that just makes it into the 333mhz bracket due to the performance increase. Ideally around xp2500, anyway, to the point, what is the difference between Barton and Thoroughbred cores? Is there a significant speed difference as they both appear to come in 333mhz 2500 versions... Thanks

  Rayuk 18:25 18 Feb 2004

The Barton has 512Kb L2 cache the Thoroughbred only has 256Kb.

Have a look through here gives you all the variables for Athlons
click here

When the 2500+ Barton came out it was stated that this ran better than an 2600+ Tbred.

  Rayuk 18:26 18 Feb 2004

Also if you get the 2500+ Barton and have an Nforce2 motherboard it can be overclocked

  Rayuk 18:28 18 Feb 2004

Sorry didnt finish then pressed the wrong key.
quite easily with a good heatsink and fan and PC3200 memory to an equivalent 3200+ cpu.

These later Bartons are also now multiplier locked,that is why the 2500+ is the best for overclocking using the 11 x multiplier.

Sorry if I am going a bit to far for you

  explicitlyrics100 18:33 18 Feb 2004

made perfect sense and a very quick answer. Thanks very much. If a processor doesnt say if its barton or thoroghbred should i assume its thoroughbred? Namely this processor click here

  explicitlyrics100 18:34 18 Feb 2004

it has a 512 cache but then its like a tenner cheaper than every other place selling the same chip so i dont know

  Rayuk 18:59 18 Feb 2004

Its a Barton as far as I know there hasnt been a 2500 Thoroughbred

click here
similar price.
There has been a recent price drop so if they have just bought their stock they can charge new lower prices and even cheaper

click here

  Rayuk 19:01 18 Feb 2004

Just one more point these are oem products so dont come packaged or with a heatsink and fan

  explicitlyrics100 19:09 18 Feb 2004

yes i have those sorted thanks

  961 19:17 18 Feb 2004

When buying an AMD processor it makes sense to buy the retail boxed version

It comes with the heatsink and fan and a three year warranty

It usually costs not more than £10 more which is little more than the cost of the fan that you would probably buy anyway

2500 Barton is the best deal on the AMD product list at the moment IMHO

  explicitlyrics100 19:22 18 Feb 2004

But the oem fans are noisy and not very good... at least the last one i had was so i thought id go without and get myself a ncie aero 7 cooler for a tenner. I still get the warranty a believe coz they are both amd certified products no?

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