Barton or Thoroughbred AMD proc

  keith-236785 16:31 26 Oct 2004


i am wanting to buy a new proc (amd 2600 Athlon XP) to replace my old 1800XP.

question for you, do i buy a 2600 athlonXP Barton core which gives me 1917 MHZ and a 512kb level 2 cache or do i buy a 2600 athlonXP thoroghbred core which would give me 2083 MHZ but only has a 256kb level 2 cache.

which one would be quicker and which would run cooler etc, im confused.

both are available from different suppliers at £10 more for the slower barton core. i also already have a new fan to go on it so am only looking for an OEM product.

anyone got a good reason to go with the Barton, as the thoroughbred is winning the battle so far on both power and price, its just the level 2 cache that makes me wonder which would be the better proc.

thanks in advance

  georgemac 17:07 26 Oct 2004

the barton has more level 2 cache than the thoroughbred which helps it work a little faster, but xp's are labelled at the cpmarable speed to pentium so 2600 should be 2600

run cooler - I believe the bartons have a slightly larger die which gives more contact area with the heatsink so they should run a little cooler.

  georgemac 17:08 26 Oct 2004

bartons are regarded to be superior to the others, tha'ts why it will be £10 dearer - I doubt if you would notice any difference.

  keith-236785 17:26 26 Oct 2004

thanks for the info, im still leaning towards the thoroughbred due to its faster speed though.

anyone else got any ideas?

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:34 26 Oct 2004

The fact that both are designated 2600 by AMD tells you all you need to know about the performance. Go for the best price.

  joseph K 18:40 26 Oct 2004

I have an AMD 2800 and I frequently find it rather slow. I tend to use many applications simultaneously, not play games etc. However, I still experience rather more 'lockups' than I had expected.

Consequently, I don't like to be the spreader of bad tidyings, but they are not exactly 'formula 1'.

  The Sack 18:52 26 Oct 2004

Think about an Athlon XP2500+ Mobile. CPUCity sell them. Because they are the cream of the crop they can run at their default speed at only 1.45V. However the fun and games start when you up the voltage to desktop levels of 1.65V where speeds of 2.4 to 2.5GHz (around XP3800+) are the norm at what is in essence its default voltage.

You can see a decent shootout between a Barton, Barton Mobile and a Sempron (T-Bred) by click here

  Dorsai 19:06 26 Oct 2004

Sorry Joseph K, but lockups can be atributed to many many factors. To blame the CPU seems a bit quick of the mark. Could it just be overhaeting say? That would not really be the CPU's fault, just a dusty heatsink.

I have an AMD XP2000, and while compaired to your XP2600 it is not as good, i find it both fast and stable.

But that aside, both are given the same 'speed' rating, so i would just buy the one that is cheaper.

I doubt that any difference in real world useage would be noticable.


  961 19:25 26 Oct 2004

Barton will be faster

But for most things, you won't know the difference

  bremner 19:29 26 Oct 2004

"im still leaning towards the thoroughbred due to its faster speed though"

Don't be seduced by a few more hertz - the barton in all testing is faster and more efficient..........

but as 961 says "for most things, you won't know the difference"

  Rayuk 19:48 26 Oct 2004

What price and p&p are you thinking of paying?

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