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  Dr John 13:53 11 Sep 2004

I am a Research Psychologist, diagnosed with the dreadfully debilitating (and often maligned) illness M.E. for 16 years, who has an ambition to establish an international organisation for people with M.E., their carers, doctors & researchers, all on one platform. With other volunteers, we wish to construct an interactive website with links and a database. Our progress is hampered by a combination of lack of funding, and expertise, though we do have some willing volunteer labour. Rather than simply ask someone to donate a site, free of all charges including domain, hosting & some management, we propose that we barter it for advertising our sponsor's services. An ME-friendly company, perhaps run by someone with the illness, or experience in the family, especially in Bristol, would be ideal but someone may also benefit from a commercial opportunity. There are an estimated 240,000 sufferers in this country and this proportion of the population is believed to be typical of all countries. Considered together with the other visitors to the site, 6 figures should not be difficult to achieve. We have extended the barter principle to all professionals who supply services, for example, accountant, lawyer etc. There is, sadly, need for much legal work connected with loss of employment, benefit appeals, insurance etc. So we think there could be some reciprocal advantage. If anyone has any proposal to make, advice or comments to offer, or would like to know more of our plans, I'd be pleased to correspond here, by e-mail, or phone. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  stalion 14:01 11 Sep 2004

your post would be better placed in the speakers corner forum.Kind Regards

  pj123 14:53 11 Sep 2004

Well, this Forum has around 148,000 members and if this was proved to be a genuine appeal I for one would be willing to donate to this cause. We have to be realistic here as there are so many scams on the internet. I am sorry if this appears to be harsh but I for one get many "sob stories" emails which turn out to be money making scams.

  pj123 15:51 11 Sep 2004

As an example I could make up a similar story to yours and perhaps ask every member of this forum to donate £1. Not a lot for each member but if every member donated I would be around £148,000 better off. Again I apologise if this offends but we have to be vigilant.

  Dr John 15:55 11 Sep 2004

I understand concern about scams. Anyone interested may contact me for full details to satisfy themselves. No money changes hands and the request for a website is a barter arrangement, rather than asking many people for donations to it. I hope that satisfies initial doubts but if there are more let's deal with them.

  pj123 16:27 11 Sep 2004

OK, I have a domain name and website that isn't being used at the moment. It obviously bears no relation to ME but you are welcome to use it as a trial if you want. email me for the details.

  Dr John 19:04 11 Sep 2004

Thanks for your return e-mail Peter and your offer of click here which, as you said, is not yet available nor refers in any way to M.E. but still is generous. I'll send you - or anyone else with an interest - full details of what we need the site to do. I repeat that I hope it doesn't sound ungracious but we have turned down a couple of offers because they were not appropriate for our needs. Thanks, most of all, for taking it this far and appreciating that, because I have given you all my contact details, this is no scam.

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