Bargain hunting ? In this weather ?

  Tenner 17:06 08 Aug 2003

Those nice enterprising people at click here have done it again - reduced postage to 99p for orders over £30. There's a catch this time, it's not for the week-end, but until it rains again in the boss' garden in Torquay !

Worth a look !

Usual disclaimer, no connection etc., just a satisfied customer/club member.


  john-232317 17:17 08 Aug 2003

my screen says 300 squid on cdr discs,but i wont bother, they are much cheaper in Spain...

  Tenner 17:32 08 Aug 2003

que? Sorry, no Spanish keyboard lol - - should have said ' they've just announced in a news letter .... '

What you've seen is the 'permanent page'- order and proceed to checkout to find current 99p offer, I guess.

Their dvd player seems good value.


  john-232317 18:17 08 Aug 2003

Yes that ronan one is quite cheap, but seen some advertised in supermarkets here for 72 ? or 45 squid in funny money.;-)

  john-232317 18:18 08 Aug 2003

Sorry euro sign comes up as ?.......??¿¿??

  Tenner 12:22 09 Aug 2003

Check the Hardware Section, as well as the Specials, ( not many of us have to deal in ?'s, though, so £'s +99p is still reasonable price, I think )


  john-232317 13:38 09 Aug 2003

Yeah bargain cost these days....

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