ma heeds nippen 09:12 25 Aug 2004

looking to build a very cheap system.could anyone tell me what parts you get in a barebone system.the reason i ask is checking out varios sites that some say what type of processer is in it others just say support,s a certain type of i don,t know if you get the same parts in them all or they vary.i already have cd rom,monitor,speakers,keyboard and i said i,m just looking for a cheap one for a young girl to mess about on.any suggestion,s would be great.mother say,s she will buy xp home.

  xania 09:24 25 Aug 2004

Typically this means just the base unit - i.e. no monitor, keyboard, mouse or software. What's actually in the box is important. The amount of RAm and the CPU could vary - you also need to know whether there's on-board sound and video provided and what this is. They should actually provide you with a spec. and, in many cases, you will have alternative bare bones at different prices.

If you're going for XP, then you will need 512 MB ram, and ideally this should be DDR. Most bare bones will not have this and you may have to upgrade.

Take a look at some interesting web sites (some American so don't try to buy from them):

click here
click here
click here
click here
click here

or simply type Bare bones PC into your favourite search engine.

  johnsims 09:33 25 Aug 2004

Watford Electronics click here (Aries 5000 range) and SSC Carrera click here (Vision value range) have cheap systems (£200 ish + VAT without monitor or OS - add XP fro £49) All you would need to do is add more memory to take it up to 512Mb. I bought a Watford for my 81 year old father in law and it has been great.

It's hardly worth buying a barebones and adding extras just because you have a CDROM, mouse and keyboard. These are the cheapest items and could be kept as spares. A cheap full system with everything on board (but 512 RAM) also gives you a guarantee.

  ma heeds nippen 09:36 25 Aug 2004

xania thanks for that forgot to mention i have a graphics card.does this mean they all have a cpu installed.i had done a search and what is confusing me is when you check the specs on the system some don,t mention what cpu you would get with it(unless i,m reading it wrong)they just say support,s a certain processor from say for talking sake 1.6 to 2.4 they don,t actually say what you get.or if you get one at all.

  Stuartli 09:39 25 Aug 2004

Scan of Bolton (click here) offers the Asus (from under £100) and MSI Hercules barebone systems in a variety of guises and specifications - often even cheaper on its TodayOnly page.

Also click here has base systems at a range of prices.

  Stuartli 09:41 25 Aug 2004

Re what you need to add - Scan's descriptions include what you need to add for a fully working system or whether particular components are included.

  xania 09:55 25 Aug 2004

If they say only that it supports a particular processor then you may well not get anything. You do need to read carefully. You will get what it says and only that. However, if in doubt, mostly you can also ask questions before you buy. In fact, its no bad thing to contact the technical support of your planned retailer to see how good their help desk is. You don't want to find out too late thatyou've found a cowboy.

  ma heeds nippen 09:56 25 Aug 2004

thanks all that geves me a bit to think about.

  Bowsprit 10:07 25 Aug 2004

I've been asked to do do the same using a very small case and no requirement for playing games.I picked the SN41G with onboard graphics and audio click here cost will be a bit over £200 after buying XP processor and memory.I have enough bits and pieces lying about to make up a full system.

  Bowsprit 10:13 25 Aug 2004

click here It's

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