Barclays offer F-Secure AV Free for 2 years

  rawprawn 09:51 26 May 2006

all online banking customers offered free F-Secure Anti-Virus licences ~

F-Secure, the leading Internet security provider, has signed a strategic agreement with Barclays Bank to provide its 1.6 million online banking customers with a free two-year licence of F-Secure Anti-Virus.

  johnnyrocker 10:11 26 May 2006

prefer avg myself.


  Belatucadrus 10:30 26 May 2006

I tried F-secure once and decided to delete it after repeated update problems. Having used the programs uninstaller, I started to get intermittent popups on boot-up advising me of a problem:-
"Invalid backweb application id '4476822' "
Digging around revealed that the F-Secure uninstall routine had left 85Mb of crud, plus an update routine that was still trying to run in the background. Cleaning this out took a certain amount of faffing about with msconfig and registry cleaning.
So didn't run smoothly and the uninstall is a fairly useless, leaving assorted files and even an active process. Install if you want, my experience of it wasn't positive.

  rawprawn 10:52 26 May 2006

I run F Secure Security Suite 2006, and I have had no problems. In fact I rate it very highly, which is why I brought this free AV to peoples notice.

  j3nks 19:21 19 Aug 2006

F Secure always seems to make into the top of most comparisons and has always worked well for me. The offer is only for Anti virus not the suite and may take a while to be shipped out to all users.

I needed mine in june as my subscription had run out but had not received my licence number so rang Barclays to find out when I would get mine. They said soon and to wait till it arrived! I explained I could not wait as I needed it now so they passed me over to UK call centre who said I would have to wait so said I would be moving my account else where and low and behold I get my code in 2 minutes. 5 minutes earlier this was impossible as Barclays did not hold the numbers!

Interestingly they stated they were shipping around 10000 or 20000 per week (sorry cant remember the exact figure now) and stated they would have 1/2 million delivered in 3 months. Now my maths may not be great but that does not add up and when i said this to them just said that is all they can ship each month so you may have a long wait for your number.

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