Barclay's Internet Banking

  pj123 15:38 23 May 2003

My neice has just rung me to say she cannot get into her internet banking account. When logging in to click here all she gets is "this page cannot be displayed". Barclays say she has changed her internet settings. Not true.
I have checked her settings against mine and they are the same. I can get into Barclays site every time.

she can log on to all other websites with no problems.

Anyone have any other ideas please?

O/S is Win98 with Athlon 1.2ghz processor 256mb memory and Internet Explorer 5. Everything was working fine a week ago. No changes have been made at all since then.

  Tog 15:43 23 May 2003

Does she use a firewall and, if so, has she allowed it to download any updates recently?

  pj123 15:53 23 May 2003

No firewall installed. Only AVG anti virus. But that didn't stop it before.

  rawprawn 17:10 23 May 2003

I find Barclays one of the easiest sites to navigate & their helpline has always sorted me out very quickly. I don't know if you have it but the number I ring is 0845 600 2323 it's worth a try if you haven't done so already.

  pj123 17:30 23 May 2003

Thanks for that. I will pass that number on.

  pj123 17:30 23 May 2003

Thanks for that. I will pass that number on.

  spuds 19:29 23 May 2003

Barclay's were doing some serious site security maintenance work recently. Could this have anything to do with your neices problems.Possible setting/password changes etc.

  pj123 11:53 25 May 2003

Not resolved yet but getting there. Barclays keep saying the the security settings must have been changed in IE. My neice wouldn't know how to do that anyway. Now Barclays are saying something about needing 128bit?? Any assistance with that please?

  SurgicalSpirit 12:43 25 May 2003

are you using internet explore 6 if not upgrade to that. Then go to tools/internet options/advanced then scroll down to security and make sure that the following are ticked
do not save encrypted pages to disk
Use SSL 2.0
UseSSL 3.0
Use TSL 1.0

  pj123 13:07 25 May 2003

Thank you. It is IE5.5 but Microsoft says that IE5.5 already has 128bit encryption and I don't need to update?

  pj123 14:04 26 May 2003

Going to give this one a tick, even though not resolved yet. We have asked NTL to supply another install disc. will uninstall everything and start again. If we still have problems will post again, with more info.

Thanks everyone for the responses so far.

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