Barclay Bank Phishing

  postie 08:01 28 Mar 2005

yesterday I recieved a letter from "Barclay Bank" and it was so amatuerish, asking for may mane address bank account info its hard to believe that people will actually repy to this, but considering I dont even bank with Barclays its extremely funny postie

  €dstowe 08:27 28 Mar 2005

I think that some of these phishing emails are a sort of sad joke. As you say, they are so amateurish that even the most gullible would not be taken in by them.

In the past week I've had seven emails from barclays (sic) asking for my account details. I don't have, don't want and never will have an account at that bank.

  Amadas 08:36 28 Mar 2005

Anyone receiving these fraudulent emails should report them. No Bank will ever ask for your information by email. They finally arrested the one's involved with the Nigerian scam.

If we can all unite to expose these and others, (spam included) maybe, just maybe, we can hit them where it hurts. Keeping silent only encourages them to continue.

You can check out click here

You can report fraud here. click here

You can report spam here. click here


  €dstowe 08:39 28 Mar 2005

I always report these emails, especially the ones from ebay and paypal, neither of which I have any contact with in other ways but who seem to ask for my details more than anyone else.

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