firebirdb 17:13 30 Oct 2013

on the right hand side of my screen, I have a bar to move the screen up and down. Once I had one on the bottom of the screen, to go side to side, I do not have the bottom bar now, and could really use it, I would like to re-instate it, any ideas ?

  chub_tor 17:22 30 Oct 2013

Getting vertical and horizontal bars usually depends on the size of the window you are looking at. For example I am writing this with Chrome browser set to its maximum width and if I drag the sides in to decrease the width then a horizontal bar automatically arrives at the bottom of the page so that I can see the edge. What programmes are you using where you feel the need to scroll horizontally? If you decrease the size of the programme window can you see a horizontal bar then?

  alanrwood 17:37 30 Oct 2013

It is c alled a SDcroll Bar and appers aiutomatically when the display is too small to show the whole web page or similar. One for vertical and one for horizontal. If it is not there you ndon't need it as there is nothing else to show.

  alanrwood 17:39 30 Oct 2013

Sorry for the typo. Fingers too big for keyboard.

It should have said Scroll Bar

  firebirdb 08:24 31 Oct 2013

Thanks for your help, I cannot get the arrows to reduce, size of window, on "fullscreen" but I have done it on "Reduced screen"

My main reason for wanting to reduce the screen, is the very annoying flashing adverts, at the side of the screen, while I am playing "words with friends" through "Facebook".

On a former post here I received, help (internet options etc) in stopping these, flashing, adverts, not all advice worked, hence the question on using, those bars to shrink screen away from adverts !

  Ian in Northampton 08:42 31 Oct 2013

Control and + will magnify the screen - Control and - will make it smaller. Magnifying it may cause the ads to become invisible off the side of the screen.

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