Banner migration

  ArrGee 22:24 21 Oct 2009

I have four websites that have similar content. The sites all contain banner ads from one source, i.e; all banner ads across the sites are the same. At present, if I need to change one banner ad on one site, I have to do the same for the other three. These are generally 125x125 ads.

Is there a way that I can easily make the change on one site and for the changes to be reflected in the rest automatically?

(These are small sites created using Office Live Business and created/run by myself from home).

  ArrGee 10:48 22 Oct 2009

Thanks fourm member. Just to add a little more detail, I get the banners from affiliate sites in the form of HTML. Is it possible to 'sponge' the actual HTML code?

  ArrGee 19:10 22 Oct 2009

Thanks again fourm member.

The HTML code comes from an affiliate programme, of which I am a member. They provide me with the code. I then wish to plug this code into one site and it for to be replicated into my other sites. This is by no means 'sponging' from a third party!!

Here is an example of one site:
click here

I hope this provides a bit more insight.

  ArrGee 21:00 24 Oct 2009

Thanks fourm member. I'll give this a try tomorrow and let you know of the results.

  ArrGee 10:42 28 Oct 2009

Hi fourm member, I'm almost there. To show you what is happening, if you take a look at my poker site and under the 'Casinos' page (click here) there are two casinos listed. The one on the right (Casino Tropez) is linked into the casino listed on the roulette site.

However, if you then click on that casino, it just directs to another page that requires a second click instead of going straight to the casino.

Any ideas on how to get it going straight to the casino?

  ArrGee 11:23 31 Oct 2009

...or does anyone know of a free ad-server that will work with aspx based sites?

  ArrGee 13:30 05 Nov 2009

Anyone around to have a look at this?

  ArrGee 16:33 08 Nov 2009

Or.. does anybody know of a site similar to the quality of PC Advisor which deals specifically with HTML solutions (as I think I will need loads of solutions in the coming weeks) ... ?

  ArrGee 11:33 16 Nov 2009

Crickey - all I needed was an 'http-equiv' directive!

E.g; <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="desired website URL" />

  dasli 12:26 18 Nov 2009

mmm.... interesting...

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