Banned from following links!!!

  [email protected] 15:44 16 Oct 2004

I to be able to follow an link from an i/c email both initally from Mailwasher window and later from Outlook inbox. Since installing the latest security hotfix for SP2 [yesterday], when I try to follow a link I get this message:[
From Mailwasher - "unable to point your browser to" etc etc and from Outlook - "This operation has been cancelled due to restriction in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator". OK, I know it's only trying to help but as I like to get back immediately to certain forums I find this facility very useful and would like it back. Is there someone who could advise me how to switch off this restriction. Thanks in advance.
PS - WinXP Home.

  dan 11 16:02 16 Oct 2004

It may be the sp2 popup blocker.

Have a look at tools / internet options / privacy. Un-tick the block popups box and view the settings, are they high?

  [email protected] 16:13 16 Oct 2004

Hi dan 11. The setting is Medium and the popup blocker is ticked but I also run a separate blocker which I have done for over a year.

  dan 11 16:22 16 Oct 2004

Yes sorry re-read your post and I let it sink into my brain, took about 5

Then realised I was as far out as a trip to the shops via a orbit of venus. :-)

  [email protected] 16:35 16 Oct 2004

No problems. It's a real pain being notified by email that someone responded to this thread, and then having to go to Favourites, click PCA, log in etc etc when it's so much easier to just click the link and go straight back.

  [email protected] 18:11 16 Oct 2004

I may have sorted it myself! I have not long ago removed a browser I was trying and it was set as my default. I did'nt make IE default BERFORE I removed the trial. I have since made IE default and now I need to generate a link so I can test it - this "response" should do it - here's hoping.

  Dorsai 18:15 16 Oct 2004

i dont think your own post 'counts' as a resposnce, (ie you get no mail), as you know it has been posted, as you did it.

so i will do this one for you.

  [email protected] 18:22 16 Oct 2004

Well don Dorsai - it worked a treat [I thought I was waiting a long time...]. Thanks for helping me check it out. Job sorted and thanks again.

  [email protected] 18:23 16 Oct 2004

One thing I have observed from my own and other threads, and thats how easy it is to put the blame on poor old SP2 or it's updates ;-)

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