BankerFoxA & wuauclt.exe ?

  Furkin 14:09 25 Jun 2010

ACER 5920G Vista.

My son has just lost almost all of his laptop use.
It will boot up into Windows Desktop, then he gets a couple of pop-ups as in title,,,,, but he can't get anything else to work.

We managed to boot into Safe Mode & currently AVG 8.5 scanning.

I'm assuming these are malaware,,,,, but either way,,,, how do we eradicate them please ?

  Sea Urchin 14:18 25 Jun 2010

If you have the facility download Malwarebytes on another computer and transfer it to a flash drive.

from click here

Attempt to update it then run a full scan - removing all it finds at the end. Then run a quick scan to check that all seems clear.

  folsom 15:15 25 Jun 2010

Do a system restore in safe mode to an earlier date when it was working ok.

  Furkin 18:23 25 Jun 2010

Cheers mate. We were already running AVG (8.5 free), so left it running whilst we popped out.
I have downloaded the prog you cited & he will take it away with him.
The AVG had finished scanning when we came home, but it dosn't give us a report or let us get into the vault.
He will run your suggestion later.

He had been trying to Restore, but in 'normal' mode it wouldn't allow it. In Safe mode, it is going through the routine now.

In the meantime, Can we access the Vault &/or Report in S.Mode ?

Thanks guys: Restore is now complete & it seems to have done the trick.

He will do a proper scan later, in normal, to see if it picks up anything.

Another Result.

  Sea Urchin 18:43 25 Jun 2010

Run the scan with Malwarebytes in normal mode - system restore may get things working again for you - but will not necessarily remove a virus like BankerFoxA - it's too clever for that.

  folsom 20:20 25 Jun 2010

Agree with Sea Urchin, now you are up and running, run the Malwarebytes scan, that should clear up any nasties.

  Furkin 10:27 26 Jun 2010

Thanks again guys,
I sent him your advice and waiting for him to get back to me.

We managed to find the AVG Vault, there were a couple of infections there (amongst tons of malaware), but we didn't delve into it - just cleared it out.

Incy Dentally: His version of AVG is slightly different to mine. We're both on 8.5 Free. Mine is v 437 & his is v439,,,, and my Virus DB is 2951 whilst his is (I think) 2957. We're both up-to-date.
I'm on XPpro & he's on Vista - could that be the answer ?

  Sea Urchin 11:16 26 Jun 2010

Best to update to Version 9 - updates will stop on 8.5 soon.

  Furkin 13:14 26 Jun 2010

We did both update to v9.0 but had problems.
I can't quite recall what they were now. You may be aware that lots of us had similar problems. I have asked on the AVG Forum if the problems had been sorted out by now, but havn't seen a reply.

  Sea Urchin 13:28 26 Jun 2010

Yes, it seems many people did have problems - the best way to update to V9 is to download and run/install the new version over the top of the existing 8.5 - the installation will automatically remove the earlier version. And many people (myself included) opted not to install the Link Scanner which can cause delays.

The problem is that if you continue using AVG 8.5 once the updates are no longer supported you might as well not bother. In that case I would consider turning to another free AV program.

  Furkin 19:55 26 Jun 2010

When I updated to v9.0, it was by accident. I clicked on Update on the AVG pop-up on my Start thingy. I had assumed that it was updating my 8.5, but it actually put v9 on - removing 8.5 in the process. Initially I thought it was a good thing,,,, but after the problems (I also disabled Link Scanner - to Noah Vale), decided against it. I uninstalled v9 & re-installed 8.5. I now update it from the User Interface,,,, that way it only updates what I have.
I take your point about Support etc & will try v9 again tomorrow.

After Malwarebytes sorted out my sons laptop, I loaded it on my old desktop. It picked up 4 trojans,,,, so a double result.

Maybe back tomorrow,,,, after installing v9 !!


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