Bandwith dilemma

  micklemouse 13:57 03 Dec 2004

I am on Pipex uncapped 512kb BB and want to change now that my contract is ended as I wish to pay less even if it means capping my bandwidth. I use the internet for about 10 hrs a day, get on average of 56 emails a week and do not download videos or play games non-stop. Would I squeeze all this into a 1GB service or should I look for higher download rates? Difficult one I know but the most I do on the internet is browse,,,browse,,, browse,,,


  Diodorus Siculus 14:04 03 Dec 2004

Bandwidth monitor - monitor bandwidth with PRTG and experience bandwidth monitoring made easy.
click here

Is this any good to you? You could monitor bandwidth for a few weeks and see how much you typically use.

  micklemouse 14:16 03 Dec 2004

Thankx , I'll have a go if I can get the page to download lol !

  pj123 14:18 03 Dec 2004

Check out click here and see if anything is any good for you.

It depends on what you are paying now but Wanadoo (which doesn't feature in the above link) seems pretty good. click here

They all seem to be 1Mbps connections but capped at different prices.

  micklemouse 08:49 04 Dec 2004

thanx to both of u for the suggestions. Diodorus, I can't seem to configure the tool you sent me although I can see it would be ideal to use. It asked my for my IP address and something about DNS well I'm stumped there I'm afraid.
And pj123 I have checked out some of the suggestions but it's not the ISPs which are puzzling me, it's how much bandwidth does a person need? I realise unless you see me using this comp that's an impossible question to answer but a rough guess is what I'm hoping for.


  pj123 10:47 04 Dec 2004

Click on the Wanadoo link (above), scroll down a bit and click on the "what does this mean" link.

  Graham ® 11:10 04 Dec 2004

PlusNet examples of usage

click here

  micklemouse 08:28 08 Dec 2004

I have looked at Plusnet and Wanadoo but I'm still not sure so I've now got a tool called Bandwidth Monitor Pro which is monitoring my daily/weekly/monthly usage and have set it up to tell me when I've used 1GB as a rough guide.

Maybe then I'll be the wiser! Who knows, the world is ever changing.

Regards Micklemouse

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