Bandwidth Usage

  skidzy 20:20 25 Aug 2008

Ok,not so much of a problem...well maybe not yet anyway !!!

I currently have my two eldest lads playing online games at the same time.The network is all wireless except the host pc that is connected to the router.

The games are;

1) World Of Warcraft

2) Any game that lets his Xbox Live connects to.

Now these games are played for several hours at any one time and to be honest,through the week.

My question is;
Is my Orange Broadband likely to be capped with this ongoing online game playing ?

From memory i believe i have a monthly 4GB limit but not positive.

As always,all advice appreciated.


  Technotiger 20:42 25 Aug 2008

Hi skidzy, how ya doing - I found this on another forum, thought the links mentioned might help. Never played anything on-line myself.

Counterstrike and the average bandwidth used is never more than 5KB/s, which will be around 20MB/hour, not much at all

What you could also do is download Netstat from AnalogX, start it up before you open the game and reset the counters.. when you are done playing you can just check the peak and average bandwidth usage..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:43 25 Aug 2008

What package do you have?
Home starter is the only one capped at 6meg
others are unlimited subject to fair usage.
Older packages were capped at 2meg but think they let you go over without a problem (up to 6meg)

  rdave13 20:53 25 Aug 2008

4GB limit a month with two lads playing online for a few hours a week is a lot. Plus your own surfing, I'd consider an un-capped supplier (with fair usage policy, of course) just for peace of mind.

  skidzy 20:55 25 Aug 2008

Cheers guys,not a gamer myself but was a little curious as there maybe a possible issue of the computers lagging...though this could be the game servers.

To be honest i cannot remember what package i have,as ive been with Orange since the days of Freeserve though the fair use policy rings a bell.

I did have a bandwidth monitor installed a while back,but this did not serve its purpose for me,i would like one that can monitor all computers/devices (xbox) from this host pc (me being the only user) You could say the king of the castle Lol :-) with control over the other computers and there connections.

Cheers guys.

  RobCharles1981 20:58 25 Aug 2008

Come on Skidzy spend that little extra a month and join ADSL24 or Falconnet!!

  skidzy 21:03 25 Aug 2008

i have a policy with isp's,dont fix it if it aint broken.
Ive been happy with Orange for a very long time now and at the moment,have no intention of moving.
Thankyou for your input though.

  skidzy 21:17 25 Aug 2008

Well it looks like im unlimited as i have upto 8Mb package,will give Orange a call to find out exactly during the week.
It looks like anyone with an upto speed of 2Mb will be capped to 6GB.

Thanks again guys.

  wiz-king 21:46 25 Aug 2008

I think you need this click here to keep an eye on your usage.

  Stuartli 23:10 25 Aug 2008

I use Tautology Bandwidth Meter:

click here

It will monitor a network.

  wolfie3000 15:04 26 Aug 2008

Hi Skidzy,

If your having problems with lag it will be the server,

Tell your boys to either find a server that's not got to many player in or if possible create there own server, Also the time of day is a big factor as many gamers tend to play in the evenings so maybe playing at off peak times like at night or in the mornings will help.

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