Bandwidth sharing?

  User-233568DA-3CAE-4D17-AB57D68A47592071 22:24 23 Oct 2008

I live in a shared house with some other people. I've got BT Broadband (option 3), and we all agreed to use the Broadband and split the costs. As for now, there are two laptops and a PC connected to it. Is there any chance of prioritize the connection to it? Because when this other peoples access the Broadband, connection on my PC and my wife's laptop is very poor. Is there any chance to tell the Hub, that if there's my or my wife's laptop connected to it, it have to give more speed to them, than to other laptop...?
(Does that makes any sense??)

  [email protected] 10:43 24 Oct 2008

I've never seen such an option before on a router.

I would try and find what is causing the speed of the internet to go so slow. Even with many computers connected simultaneously, it should still be fast as long as people are just web browsing etc.

I suspect that other people on the network are using bandwidth intensive applications, perhaps P2P such as Limewire. If so ask them to refrain from leaving it connected and if they must use it then ask them to use it while others aren't using the internet. If this is the problem and they refuse to listen, you could always block the port on the router that Limewire uses.

Another recommendation would be to run virus and malware scans on all connected computers - some may be inadvertently sending out thousands of spam emails every hour they're connected.

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