bandwidth monitor

  j18psf 01:31 10 Nov 2008


I have an issue with my mobile broadband allowance. I have an allowance of 6GB per month with 3, there is a bandwidth monitor available on there website however I have found it to be quite inaccurate. The problem is that if I go over the 6GB then I get charged a ridiculus amount per MB.

Is there a program which monitors both uploading and downloading bandwidth usage? Preferably free?
Also it would be ideal if it will monitor over a set time period eg 1 month instead of one session.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance


  Gandalph 01:36 10 Nov 2008

I use this one, click here and find it does all I want it to. Easy to set up too.

  wiz-king 06:42 10 Nov 2008

This might do click here

  Graham. 11:33 10 Nov 2008
  DippyGirl 13:05 10 Nov 2008

Tautology click here
Up/Down counts ... session and monthly roll-up
Variable reset date

  j18psf 03:44 12 Nov 2008

thanks for that everyone, Ive decided to give Tautology a go and see how that works out.

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