Bandwidth measure app?

  ACOLYTE 20:10 11 Jan 2009

HI,im wondering if someone can point me in the direction pf a program that measures how much bandwith each pc/laptop on a network is using.
I have googled this but cant seem to find any programs that measure this,or any that can share it out equally across the network.

  VoG II 20:14 11 Jan 2009

You would need to install click here on each puter.

  ACOLYTE 20:23 11 Jan 2009

Thx,i already have that installed,it does show each machines download usage,but it doesn't show how much bandwidth each machine has assigned to it,or how the connection is shared between each machine.

I have 8Mb BB ,what i wont to know i how much of the 8Mb pc1 is using compared to pc2,if that makes sense.I would like them all to have an equal share of the conn,not one have 60% other have 40%,i dont even know if it is possable to do this but i thought i would ask here and see what you guys thought.

  Stuartli 23:49 11 Jan 2009

It would not be possible, as far as I'm aware, for each computer to have an "equal" share of the bandwidth, which would only be used during downloading and uploading by each system.

You could be, for instance, downloading a large file on one and a small one on another, so the split would be proportional.

  DieSse 01:49 12 Jan 2009

They don't have bandwidth "assigned to them" normally. They each use what they need. If both are downloading simultaneously then on average they will each use 50% - as long as the providing sites and routes are behaving similarly (which they usually don't, of course).

Some routers allow bandwidth management and port prioritising. Look in the specs/consult the manufacturer.

Have a read here click here

  DieSse 01:51 12 Jan 2009

BTW - bandwidth is not in fixed shares, as you seem to imply. If only one system is downloading, it has access to the full 8Mbps.

  ACOLYTE 17:32 12 Jan 2009

Thank you for the responce's,the reason i asked this is because my son has a laptop connected wirelessly on my network and it always seems to hog the conn,when i use my pc and he is on at the same time my web conn is increadably slow compared to when he is not online,this is even the same when the laptop is just switched on and he isnt using it,to get my speed back i have to turn off his laptop.

  Jigsaw616 17:40 12 Jan 2009

To simply measure the speeds used, and amount downloaded on each machine with some nice graphs, i would recommend searching for a freeware app called NetMeter.

It can be used to measure current download speeds daily download reports, monthly and yearly. It can also be used to check if you're going over a monthly download limit.

As for the bandwidth, 50/50 would be the amount used connecting to a server with the same speed. If you have been limited to bandwidth by some software (if it is not your network) just run on all machines one by one.

  Sea Urchin 18:05 12 Jan 2009

NetMeter from here

click here

  MAJ 18:18 12 Jan 2009

"this is even the same when the laptop is just switched on and he isnt using it"

That shouldn't happen. It could be that he has a P2P application installed and sharing files. It could also be a malware problem, run the usual antimalware scans on the laptop.

  ACOLYTE 22:07 13 Jan 2009

He does have windows one care live to do all the things on pc ,and he says it is upto date and working ok.
My BT homehub is V1.0,i have ordered an online update of the firmware,that should happen somtime in the early hours tonight,will see if that makes a difference and post back later.

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