Bandwidth apparently poor - need advice

  wildhouse 13:18 20 Sep 2014

I changed from TalkTalk to Sky in April and since then when online (particularly when playing Farmville) pages are generally taking much longer to load if they load at all. I know Shockwave is a factor in this, but Sky tell me it's the bandwidth on my computer that's the problem. I'm not convinced as although it could be slow on TalkTalk, it's seems too much of a coincidence that it has got worse since I have had Sky. My tablet is also beginning to fail to load pages (using WiFi) - they have told me how to change the channel on this so I will wait to see if it has improved. If it is my computer at fault, I would appreciate advice on improving it's bandwidth.

  spuds 13:32 20 Sep 2014

Kitz is a very good website for seeking information of this nature, but it can get time consuming to find the exact or near answer to a problem. Well worth a look though

  spuds 13:33 20 Sep 2014

Link failed, try click here

  Jollyjohn 13:47 20 Sep 2014


Bandwidth on computer!! I do not think so.

First try a speed test - preferably with PC connected by ethernet cable - try this one click here results OK then try Wireless.

Whilst doing this have only one device connected to router.

If wireless result OK then go here click here which is thinkbroadband site with dummy files you can download to test your connection.

With only one device attached try a couple of files, add devices and repeat. If time to download suddenly increases then we have found the source of the issue.

Advice to change channels is good, may take a couple of attempts, and as Spuds says this can take some time to pinpoint and cure.


  wildhouse 14:06 20 Sep 2014

Hi Jollyjohn Speed always seem to be OK - your link (not with ethernet cable) shows download speed of 8540 and upload speed of 867. Sky checked via the command netstat and it came up with Established Connection quite a lot which they tell me means it is my computer that has the problem. Hi Spuds Will check out Kitz, too - looks like I iwll have to browse a few pages!

I know Shockwave Flash could be a major factor in this problem when playing games, although I don't play them on by tablet. Shockwave doesn't seem fit for purpose, so to speak - a lot of my Farmville friends have problems, too!

  Jollyjohn 14:18 21 Sep 2014

Open task manager and keep it visible while opening the problem web pages. If CPU or RAM usage goes up dramatically, try some ad blockers.

This site, PC Advisor forum was very slow to load until I blocked some adverts.

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