Bandwidth advice needed... 23:30 02 Oct 2003

Can anyone tell me how much bandwidth is taken up by a hotlink to an image?

The reason I ask, is that some members of my East End Forum have no webspace of their own (or are not really into getting it) but would like to use personal avatars and signatures.

I was thinking of donating a page of my own website for them to upload their images and hotlink to that. I only have a few members at the moment, but if it catches on, I am worried about how much bandwidth will be draining from my site. Anyone got any facts or figures about this?

Cheers, Whiz...

  Forum Editor 23:50 02 Oct 2003

be very afraid.

If you allow remote linking to avatars on your site you could indeed find that your bandwidth consumptions soars - particularly if/when your forum starts to get busy. Avatars may only be 5 or 6k files, but imagine a busy thread with dozens, or even hundreds of people checking in and out - all of them downloading avatars. It doesn't take long for the bandwidth consumption to rack up.

There's another problem with remote linking too. Suppose you have a couple of hundred members - all with their avatars on your webspace. Then imagine that you decide to do a spot of site reorganisation. You'll only have to rename a file or so, and you'll get a flood of email about avatars not working.

My advice - give it a wide berth Barry, but if you do decide to go ahead, set a 6k limit on avatar file size. 00:14 03 Oct 2003

You have just confirmed my worst fears. Mind you, I like your optimism about a couple of hundred members! A couple of dozen would be welcome at the moment.

Just one more thing if you have the time. I link to my own avatar from my site. If, let us suppose, it is 6k and appears 100 times, is it taking just the original 6k or a total of 600k?

Thanks for the advice, Whiz...

  Forum Editor 00:20 03 Oct 2003

you use the avatar you're downloading it in your browser Barry, so it's 600k I'm afraid. 01:21 03 Oct 2003

I wont be offering any webspace I'm afraid!

Thanks a lot for the info, Whiz...

  Gaz 25 17:19 06 Oct 2003

To offer webspace, you need a dedicated network that can handle lots of volume. This costs!

If you have the money, go ahead. But if not, save it. 23:38 06 Oct 2003

I found a site that offers 5 mb daily bandwidth for pics. I just pass this on to forum members and they store their avatars there.
Thanks Gaz, Whiz...

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