jtw 20:01 08 May 2003

Tried two machines on Freeserve broadband and connection speed is low (lower on one than the other) Am using extension lead. Freeserve gave this advice "There shouldn't be any difference in speeds between 2 machines. If you
are using an extension cable this could be the reason, and you should
use extension cables designed especially for broadband."

What is this extension lead?

  jasg 20:25 08 May 2003

As far as i know there is no such thing as a specifically designed telephone extn lead for broadband, BT specs state that the combined wiring length beyong the NTE (first socket where outside wiring joins the internal wiring) should not exeed 50M. Although with modern conductors this can now probably be doubled, the important thing is to make sure you have a good quality extension lead the general rule being the cheaper it is the worse quality it is. One other point to consider is that because of the way broadband works it can be very subseptable to interference so keep all wiring away from things like fridges, freezes, micowave ovens, flurescent lights e.t.c, I have also had problems with DECT digital cordless phones where these have been plugged in before the connection to the PC.

  jtw 21:07 08 May 2003

Extension cost £3 from argos and goes by fridge, microwave, through room with faulty fluo light!!!!


I'll try better one


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