carnoustiejim 13:47 12 Apr 2008

hi just done bandwidth check dont understand what the read out means can you advise.
download speed 825 Kbps(103.1/sec/transfer rate)
epload speed 133Kbps (16.6Kbps/sec/transfer rate)
latency 80ms

  anskyber 13:51 12 Apr 2008

It means for example the your down load speed is OK but not great at 0.825 megs. Compare that with the standard advertising for "up to 8 megs"

  DieSse 15:55 12 Apr 2008

I don't understand your question - it means exactly what it says.

Your download speed is 825Kbps = 825Kilobits per second = approx 100KiloBytes per second

Just what do you want to know about it?.

I would expect to see that on a 1Mbps (nominal) connection under average conditions.

The latency is the delay inherent in the system - due to the speed of propagation on signals over the lines and through the equipment, in the link-up.

  Pineman100 17:45 12 Apr 2008

Is it the difference between the upload and download speeds that has you confused?

This is quite normal. Broadband is otherwise known as ADSL, which stands for Asymmetric Digital Sunscriber Line. The 'asymmetric' refers to this discrepancy between the upstream and downstream speeds. Uploading is always slower.

  Pineman100 17:46 12 Apr 2008

Sunscriber = subscriber!

  carnoustiejim 21:00 12 Apr 2008

hi thanks for replys what id like to know are these readings okay thanks kirriejim

  GaT7 21:48 12 Apr 2008

"what id like to know are these readings okay" - That'll depend on your quoted broadband speed provided by your ISP.

As DieSse says, it's about right for a 1Mb connection - is that what you have?

Also try a speed test at click here. G

  Pineman100 16:18 13 Apr 2008

No matter what "up to..." broadband speed your ISP quotes, the critical factors are your distance from the phone exchange and how many other people use your connection.

If you're right at the end of a busy adsl connection, even if your ISP sells you an "up to 8Mb" account, you might be doing well if you get 512Kb.

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