banding on monitor

  mark-226634 22:10 02 Jul 2006

I have a problem that is displayed on the monitor. I have several vertical bands like "bar codes" that are displayed. Sometimes half the right hand side of the screen is "chequered".
When the computer boots up on the XP screen there is a are several rows of white squares all over the place and the screen is distorted.

I have tried a diffrerent monitor and the same things happen. I have a Dell Dimension 8300 series that is 3 years old. My drivers are up to date.The graphics card is a ATI RADEON 9800 SERIES 128k (whatever that means)

I'm not an expert with PC's so does anybody know what I can do? Are there any online fixes available or some kind of remote help?

  LastChip 22:37 02 Jul 2006

I've only come across this once before and it was a mismatch between the monitors resolution settings and the desktop settings applied in Windows.

Take a look at the monitors manual and find out what settings it is capable of. For example 1024x768 is a common setting. Now right click your desktop and select Properties; Settings and check what it is set to. Make sure it's a setting that the monitor will support.

  Djohn 02:37 03 Jul 2006

The Dell 8300 series is the make/model of your computer, [Tower unit]. Do you know the model of your monitor and the second one you tried?

As Lastchip says it may be a setting on your graphic card not matching the monitor. Is the monitor a CRT type or TFT [Flat panel]. and what is the screen size please.

If a TFT and 17" or 19" then make sure your resolution is set to 1280 X 1024 with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Follow the instruction from Lastchip to check both.

  mark-226634 19:46 06 Jul 2006

Someone has changed the graphics card for me and that has made the difference.
However, I am not able to connect to the Internet anymore as it is not recognising the modem/connection (USB connection). The printer is not being recognised (USB) connection. Up until last week everything was working. Could the operating system have become corrupt. It seems that anything beig connected by USB is not being recognised.
Would re-installing Windows XP help and how easy is thaat to do?

Thanks for your help.

  LastChip 22:36 06 Jul 2006

First, go to Start; All programs; Accessories; System Tools, System Restore and click on it.

Now follow the wizard and set your system back in time to a date prior to these problems occurring.

Now see if you have your Internet and USB problems solved.

Second. ONLY FOLLOW this part if you still have monitor problems.

Go to Start; RIGHT CLICK My Computer and select Properties; Hardware tab and then Device Manager. Now click on the + sign by Display Adapters to expand it. Right click the Graphics card (which may be your old one) and select Uninstall. Follow the wizard to completely get rid of that card. Now close Windows right down in the normal manner to a power off situation.

Now, here's where you need to read your manual for your Graphics card. Follow its instructions for installation of the card. If you don't have a manual, follow the next part, which mostly works.

Give it a few seconds and then restart the computer. You will find XP will find new hardware, which will be the Graphics card and (fingers crossed) will automatically install it for you. It may be with a basic Windows driver, but it will probably work.

I suspect from what you have described, your Graphics card has been incorrectly installed, but in truth, this should not have affected anything else. Graphics cards these days use very sophisticated drivers and if you don't get rid of the previous ones first, you often get conflicts and that's what we're trying to resolve here.

Reinstalling XP is a bit drastic at this stage, but is a possibility if things don't get any better. If you want to do that, let us know if you have a full XP CD, or whether its a manufacturers Recovery disc.

  mark-226634 20:36 07 Jul 2006

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried system restore but can only go back to when the problem started last week. I can't go back any earlier.

When I click on Device Manager I just get a blank box. No components are listed whatsoever.Last week they were all listed.

I do have a "Reinstallation CD Microsoft Windows XP Professional Including Service Pack 1"

  VoG II 20:44 07 Jul 2006

Try click here

If that fails to work then how to repair XP click here

  mark-226634 22:01 07 Jul 2006

Tried to boot from cd-rom but didn't seem to make any difference. Not sure about how to use the repair option on the cd-rom.

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