Balckberry Mobile phone

  TN 10:25 28 Apr 2008

Sorry this has nothing to do with computers directly - I have just got a s/h Blackberry 7230 mobile phone. I have set it all up OK and everything works perfectly including SMS message receiving but I cannot send any messages - I get a red 'X' which means the message failed to send. I cannot find anything in any Support web pages to cure this fault or even hint at what might be causing it. Has anyone got this phone and do you have any ideas how to get it to send messages! All help sincerely appreciated.

  dogbreath1 15:42 28 Apr 2008

Check that the correct telephone number is installed under 'Message Centre'....especially if your airtime provider is different from the previous owner's.

click here

  TN 19:00 28 Apr 2008

Many thanks, dogbreath1 - will I be able to get this from O2 if I phone them? As you may realise this is all new to me, having jumped up to this phone from a bog-standard Nokia! Being well into retirement age does not help either!

  Diodorus Siculus 19:20 28 Apr 2008

O2 will be willing to help if you are using an O2 simcard; they may not be aware of the specifics of the Blackberry though.

As dogbreath1 says, it is likely to be the message centre number being wrong.

  TN 17:39 01 May 2008

Got my answer - in case anyone in future has the same problem the answer is simple: Blackberry Smartphones do NOT work on a Pay and Go system. The user must subscribe to a monthly plan!
Thanks for all the help though but the phone has to go back onto eBay again!

  Diodorus Siculus 18:52 01 May 2008

Thanks for the follow up, TN; helpful to know that.

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