Bait and switch?

  PortraitArtist 22:17 29 Feb 2004

Clicked on the "People" clipart collection and got an adware/virus (GDivX Player v1.9.9.6)
instead. Why did you do this to my computer?

Went back to check on the exact name of the collection but couldn't find it. Beware I'm sure it's still out there somewhere!

  VoG II 22:22 29 Feb 2004

Which clipart collection?

Who do you mean by "you do this to my computer"?

  Belatucadrus 00:25 01 Mar 2004

Some clipart, screensavers etc come with installers that include gash like GDivX Player click here it's usually refered to in the install process or the license agreement. It's why you should at least glance at the terms for any download from points unknown before sticking it on your PC. Always follow up with an adaware or spybot scan to be sure.

  Jester2K 07:54 01 Mar 2004

On that page it clearly states

Warning : This program contains adware/spyware, which means that it comes bundled with third party programs which are optional (they do not have to be installed in order to install/use this software). These third party programs are programs that displays advertising on your computer and/or retrieves information from your computer about your browsing/purchasing habits.

Please note that DivX Digest's definition of "containing adware" may be different to yours, since we believe that any application that bundles third-party advertising/spying programs, regardless of whether the installation of these programs is mandatory or not, is said to "contain adware".

  PortraitArtist 18:55 01 Mar 2004

No, the download page(s) does NOT warn of the adware/ spyware/ "virus" The installer may do so(Can't remember). Frankly few people read those things. This allows the malicious adware maker to rob you of data and computer speed. We should not tolerate this. When these folks are discovered there software needs to be removed from all download lists. If we the consumer fails to get this point accross we will continue to take the damage caused by these crooks. Will I continue to download? Sure one bad hacker doesn't spoil the whole internet, but I may have to change my mind if these things continue to probegat. We will all be forced to shut off our computers for good if it continues!

  Jester2K 20:03 01 Mar 2004

The thing is I can not find any reference now nor at the time to adware programs being inherent in the people clipart collection. I went back just now and it is NOT there. Nor is there any warning that this may be so. Yes, I know that it happens and why. It's time that we be less tolerent of this computer hijacking. PC avisor and others should and can remove these links when they become known. I scanned my machine for adware and it was clean as I did manage to kill ther critter after the last time it got me. It is slow to load so I'd gotten distracted and didn't read the disclaimer the first time. No, inattention doesn't pay. Still i'm not the only one to get caught by this. Let's call a virus a virus and be done with them!

  Jester2K 20:06 01 Mar 2004

The page i referred to was the one Belatucadrus provided - the software makers home page. I mistakenly though it was the home page for the People Clipart collection.

  cycoze 21:20 01 Mar 2004

HRRRMM i`m lost here , i can only assume "People" clipart collection is this one click here , when you click the download link it takes you to click here .

The second link ( has obviously had a change around of their pages , hardly the fault of PCA ! it would be a full time job checking every link on this site , also "GDivX Player v1.9.9.6" stands out on that pcworld page and could hardly be confused with "People Clip Art".

  Belatucadrus 21:45 01 Mar 2004

"Frankly few people read those things" rather proves my point. I know that reading all the terms text is next to impossible as it's like reading war and peace in some cases, but they normally refer to the undesirable passengers at some point, so it's a bad idea to ignore it completely.

  PortraitArtist 06:21 02 Mar 2004

Yes, it does prove your point I wasn't paying attention and should have been, but that doesn't solve the problem. Software makers shouldn't be allowed to add ad-ware and WEB SITES should refuse to post it without a CLEAR WARNING in the download BLURB that Ad-Ware is an intrical part of the software. I as a user have the resposibilty to read and notice if Ad-Ware and other gross junk is involved and makers should notify me in a straight forward manner. Further more when a website becomes aware of Ad-Ware they should remove the offending title until the maker corrects the offence. Also of note is the attitude that if we "didn't download free stuff we wouldn't run this risk." If this were true then I'd never have any of this junk on my system until now as I haven't downloaded any freebies since the purchase of this computer. Yet , I have had many of these darn computer destroying criters! Despite protests by these unscrupoulous charlotans that their software is ONLY given to those who request it, the truth is they often knowinly insert it into ANY system they can get their little coders on.

  y_not 06:33 02 Mar 2004

Sounds to me like you want a nice clean, safe internet with no nasties or bad guys.

Whilst I am sure we'd all like that how much are you prepared to pay for it?

The internet is free because " little coders" pay companies for inserting their packages - if they stop paying we will start paying.

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