baffled by p2p !

  wilco33 22:26 29 Oct 2005

Can anyone help me with settings for MorpheusUltra ? Haven't been able to d/load any-
thing.Is it my firewall(zonealarm)or XP settings
I need to configure.Cost me $20 so would really
appreciate help on this.Thx.

  john-232317 10:58 30 Oct 2005

Probably firewall, check its ticked in exceptions. Limewire is free.

  Andsome 11:16 30 Oct 2005

I wouldn't touch ANY such program with a barge pole. Heaven knows what viruses, adware, malware etc you may get downloaded onto your computer. There have been MANY horror stories on this and other forums.

  Kate B 13:48 30 Oct 2005

It's not quite that bad, Andsome. Leaving aside the rights and wrongs of p2p, so long as all your anticrapware is up to date and you're careful about what you download and scan any file you download before you double-click on it, you should be fine.

  ACOLYTE 13:52 30 Oct 2005

Each to there own,i have used P2P software before with no ill effects,apart from the legal/moral standpoint witch to me is up to the individual involved it is quite safe,just use common sense,i would also check the firewall settings seems to be the most likly culprit.

  Splork 22:59 30 Oct 2005

You normally need to allow specific ports for p2p - now that Morpheus 6 is legal, there should be a proper helpfile on the site detailing which ports you need to allow - TCP and UDP.

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