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Bad Wi fi reception in my nieces room

  julius44 06:42 30 Jun 2020

Hello and good morning to you all. I am trying to sort out the very bad wi fi reception in my nieces room please, as she is always complaining about this. All the rooms are on 1 floor in a 2 bedroom apartment, but when in her room she only gets 1 bar on her phone and on her chromebook as well, and I have tried myself and it is the same issue, and she needs to be able to do her school assignments on her chromebook, she normally has to go to the living room. If anyone goes to her room wi-fi drops to 1 bar immediately. They are with bt broadband I was wondering can I get a wi fi repeater or a wi fi extender to solve the issue for her please, I am just looking for something cheap for her to get better signal in her room. I wont see her again till the weekend but I had actually ordered a Wi fi repeater and it arrived yesterday, just hoping it will definately work when I go there on saturday or do I need wi fi booster? please advice. regards Jules

  wee eddie 07:31 30 Jun 2020

First Question: Is their BT Router attached "Directly" to their Master Socket?

Second question: Haw many Bars does she get when in the same room as their Router?

  julius44 07:52 30 Jun 2020

Hi there @wee Eddie, The router is in the living room and we all get full wi fi signal, When we go to her room it drops to about 1 bar or 2 bars if she's lucky But it drops for everyone in her room I have a oneplus phone and I would get 1 or 2 wi fi bars in her room her mums room is opposite and there are no issues just my nieces room. Hope this helps

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