Bad Switch On

  flycatcher1 11:02 24 Jan 2007

My four year old ( reliable) Evesham does not always swich on when the button is depressed. Lights on the CD and DVD Drive flash on momentarily and then disappear.
Red light remains on so power is there but not where it matters. Switching Off and, after a minimal wait, switching on again normally makes everything work.
The fault started about three weeks ago but is now getting more persistent. I have suspected a bad contact in the ON/Off button.
Any suggestions would be appreciated by this computer dullard.

  [email protected] 11:10 24 Jan 2007

sounds to me as if the psu may be on the way out

  keef66 11:18 24 Jan 2007

I'd agree that the psu may be the culprit. Identical symptoms to those on a mate's pc. Went slowly downhill to the point where it wouldn't start at all. Suspecting the psu I substituted the one from my pc and hey presto it worked perfectly. I bought and fitted another psu for him, by which time he'd got bored and ordered a shiny new one from Evesham. I now have a spare, functioning pc. OK, so it's a 950 mhz Duron running Win 98SE, but it's fine for the kids to Google and MSN to their hearts content

  flycatcher1 16:02 24 Jan 2007

Thanks for your help. I forgot to mention that the problem normally occurs at the first time I attempt to switch on, be it am or pm.
Do I now have an excuse to buy a shiny new computer ? I was going to wait for Vista.

  keef66 16:56 24 Jan 2007

If it's just the psu, you could replace it with a good one for £50. If it's just the power switch, you may be able to get a replacement for pence. Difficulty is finding out which, if either, is to blame. Gets a bit expensive when you buy the parts and it doesn't fix the problem. Do you have a friendly, local pc shop that could check it out for a nominal charge?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:30 24 Jan 2007

problem normally occurs at the first time I attempt to switch on, be it am or pm.

Sounds more and more like PSU is failing.

If renewing a PSU check:

1. The physical size of your PSU, some are hard to replace due to being a non standard size.
2. The amount of power need from the PSU don't skimp

1. Physical Dimensions

Besides the specs and form factors, the physical dimensions are also important factors in selecting a compatible power supply. Here is an outline of the physical dimensions of most standard power supplies:

# ATX: 6x3.5x5.5", HxWxD. Most common. Uses 4 mounting screws.
# Mini-ATX: 5x3.5x5", HxWxD. Rare size. Uses 4 mounting screws. Can be used in a regular ATX case, but often not the other way around.
# MicroATX: 5x3x4", HxWxD. Use 3 mounting screws. Not interchangeable with ATX or miniATX.
# Flex ATX: Even smaller than Micro ATX. Various sizes according to case specs; often not interchangeable.

Use the data above to determine if a particular power supply would fit your case.

The quality of a power supply can be estimated by its weight. While this is not a true scientific or thorough measurement of the power supply reliability, it is nevertheless a very simple and easy way for ordinary PC users to estimate and compare the quality of a power supply.

2. Power supply calculator click here

Guide to changing PSU
click here
click here

  flycatcher1 22:27 24 Jan 2007

Thanks, everyone, for your prompt and helpful assistance.
Fruit Bat Thanks for the detailed info and guides. I will investigate further.

Keef66. Yes we have two Computer Shops here. One friend swears by one and will not touch the other and another pal is vice versa ! If it becomes necessary I will go to the nearest.

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