Bad month to buy new pc why?

  Tick Tock 22:34 03 Jul 2006

I am about to buy a new pc this or next week,amd 3800x2 may be the new am2 version,but just seen a thread where someone says its a bad month to buy a pc i think because intel have a new processor out this month called conroe,surely amd new am2 version will be a sound pc for the so called average user.Any thoughts please.

  SG Atlantis® 22:48 03 Jul 2006

new things come out and prices drop for the current line-up.

Processor price war on the horizon, don't forget the processor is one of, if not, the most expensive components in a system.

  Belatucadrus 22:51 03 Jul 2006

Decide what you want it to do, then buy a PC to suit your requirements, if you wait for the next big thing, you'll never buy anything.
No matter what you buy, something better and cheaper will be available within a few weeks.

  gudgulf 22:51 03 Jul 2006

Could be quite the oposite.......with the new Conroe cpus, and Socket AM2 for Athlon the chances are that there will be a good number of the "older" technology available at bargain prices.

Most AM2 pcs will perform the same as the old socket 939 prcessors until the speed and number of cpu cores/memory speed is ramped up and Conroe will be of interest to those who must have the latest technology and highesty available performance.

For the rest of us lets not forget that a 3GHz plus (or Athlon equivalent) cpu is more than adequate for most users and the current range of dual core cpus are blindingly fast for all but extreme gaming/video editing.

Buy for what you need now.......there will always be the next greatest thing just around the corner.

  Totally-braindead 22:58 03 Jul 2006

Have to agree with the others. Every time something new comes out the prices drop on the older bits. Whatever you buy now will be cheaper in a few months time and I'm afraid thats a fact.

The PC you propose buying will do you fine, if you want a slighly faster one for the same price perhaps wait a month or two.

If you do end up waiting for prices to change as Belatucadrus has said you will never buy anything.

  Forum Editor 23:03 03 Jul 2006

to buy a computer - it's a bit like that sign you used to see in pubs "Free beer tomorrow".

The time to buy is now, and then enjoy your new machine. Don't waste your time worrying about the fact that something nicer/better/faster/cheaper might come along next week, because it almost certainly will. Your computer will be your computer however, and it will be as good six months after you bought it as it is on the first day. Technology moves fast, but not that fast - major leaps forward come less often than in years gone by.

  Stuartli 23:36 03 Jul 2006

I think that there may be confusion with the year being split into quarters - often prices are dropped at the end of a quarter year.

But, as the FE states, if you decide to wait for the latest and greatest, then you will wait forever.

We've long gone past Gordon Moore's prediction that computer technology would double in power every 18 months.

  spuds 08:54 04 Jul 2006

Take the advice given, and buy at the time when you need to. Waiting for modern technology, especially if 'unproven' can give false hopes, usually with a heavy price tag.

  jack 09:13 04 Jul 2006

'Last weeks technology' has always been my motto.
Yes I know there are those that say 'If we all did that nowt would progress' -but with limited resources at my disposal I would sooner purchase last weeks model that works- than shell out considerably more for minimal benefit very often, and run the risk of being someones 'guinea pig'
Having said that, because I suspect of all the 'banging on' about 64 bit- I did rebuild this machine last year to the new wonder rocessor/board
combo - did it make a difference from my old Athlone 1.4- I dunno -it went into a new case to my daughter, and when ever I visit, and she asks about this or that and I sit down to play Icannot say there is a marked difference working either machine, of course when 64 bit software comes along there may be another story to tell.

  keef66 10:00 04 Jul 2006

My advice would be to look at a copy of PCA from 9-12 months ago. Look at the spec of the £999 budget pc, and see how much cheaper you can get it for now. You can save a fortune by resisting the lure of the sparkly new technology.

Our home pc is 4 yrs old, and cost £1200 new. It's a socket A mobo with fsb 100/133mhz, Athlon xp 2100+, AGP graphics, Audigy soundcard.
I've subsequently had to add PCI cards for LAN and USB2, increased the RAM to 1GB, put in a 6600 graphics card, and a quieter cpu cooler. It still does all we require of it, I'll probably still be using Win XP in 5 years time, so I don't feel as if I'm missing out on anything. And I try not to dwell on the fact that I could buy a better spec pc for £400 today.

Buy today a reasonable spec machine with a 64 bit cpu and it'll still be going in 10 years time.

  Tick Tock 14:15 04 Jul 2006

Thanks for some really good advice everyone i think my best bet will be buy now as i planned and let tomorrow take care of its self.

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