bad internet connection afte new router

  kriscadman 21:16 12 Dec 2011

Hi all

I'm on sky broadband, and recently broke the router by dropping it! I went out and bought a replacement Belkin router, only to find out the Netgear router supplied by sky is hardcoded with the username and password I needed to gain access to the net connection.

Anyway, I hacked the Netgear router to get this info and got the new Belkin router working fine. The connection was not secured so when my dad got home at the weekend, he's sorted this out. but when I tried to get online wirelessly, my laptop wouldnt connect, and neither would my brothers pc via ethernet cable.

After a lot of messing about, I've done the same instalation as i did last week which is not security enabled (I turned security on and my laptop just would not connect) but the new issue we have is, mine and my girlfriends laptops (via wifi) and my brothers pc (via ethernet) will not stay connected to the net. There seems to be a lot of "no server found" screens on explorer and firefox and a general poor connection when connected.

Can anyone help out?

All I needed to enter into the Belkin setup tool was my @skydsl username and password, and tell the router about the VPI and VCI numbers.

  kriscadman 22:01 12 Dec 2011

And now the routers ADSL light just flashes orange no matter what I do, tried resetting it, turning it off, changed the filters and it still won't work

  kriscadman 22:29 12 Dec 2011


  [email protected] 01:43 13 Dec 2011

My friend who works for Sky Broadband technical support once told me, quite to my surprise, that Sky do not support the using of routers other than the ones they supply, so I don't know what they do to prevent that (apart from trying to not reveal your username and password to you). I know this isn't particularly helpful, but if you're confident that you've entered all your details properly then it may not be something you're doing wrong but just Sky preventing people using other routers for whatever reason they have to do this.

  mobing 02:48 13 Dec 2011

but just Sky preventing people using other routers for whatever reason they have to do this.--------- why ? people have to use their product and it can profit more !

  amonra 08:04 13 Dec 2011

Do what one of my neighbours did, ring up Sky, tell them the router has "died". They will offer to send you another one for £xx. Tell them no thanks and you want to leave.............They will usually send another.

  kriscadman 08:59 13 Dec 2011

Yes itwouldn't looks like they just won't give you the username or password but I got them myself from the old router.

It was wOrking fine until my dad made the cOnnection secure but now it's just broke

  robin_x 10:10 13 Dec 2011

The wireless security on the computers has to be the same as the router.

He will have set it to WEP, WPA or WPA2. (hopefully WPA2, its the latest)

With router connected to your main computer by ethernet cable, have a hunt round the options. Check the Passphrase/Security key is correct (not necessarily same as the ISP login, unless it was set to be by you)

Check 'new' computers are automatically allowed to use the router in the router settings. They may be blocked on first use unless you allow them.

  sheenwatson 10:40 13 Dec 2011

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  onthelimit1 10:50 13 Dec 2011

SPAM FE info'd.

  Wuggy 15:05 13 Dec 2011

Post your problem in this forum There is a wealth of Sky specific information to be had there.

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