Bad Image Checksum

  johnanthony 14:42 19 Sep 2006

My laptop tries to load windows but then the screen goes light blue and I get the message
"c0000221 (bad Image checksum) The image SHLWAPI.dll is possibly corrupt. The header checksum does not match the computed checksum"

Nothing physical has happened to the laptop. It hasn't left my desk for over a week and has worked perfectly for the last 2/3 months both at home and whilst travelling.

Anyone any ides. I would prefer not to reinstall windows although I do have the supplied recovery disc.

  rsinbad 15:06 19 Sep 2006

try click here;en-us;326687

  rsinbad 15:08 19 Sep 2006

sorry that link dosen't work
click here

  DieSse 15:09 19 Sep 2006

Try finding the file on the system you're on now - and copying it across into your laptop. It seems to be part of Internet Explorer.

  johnanthony 16:22 19 Sep 2006

Thanks rsinbad. I looked at the tips and things and it all seemed to point to when XP was upgraded. The laptop is only one year old (yes, just out of guarantee) and came preloaded. I also doubled the memory size about 6 months ago which did not cure another memory problem and so I reinstalled windows xp from the recovery disc. Lost everything of course.
Recently I downloaded ie7.
Can I boot the machine from the recovery disc without destroying all the files? Because windows won't open I cant even do backups or copies or anything. Can I get into dos and run chkdsk and if I can will it do any good.
I am completley baffled.
Cheers also DieSse, you see the problem. I have found the file, its in multiple locations but even if I copy it how do I get it into the laptop?
Thanks in advance J

  DieSse 17:15 19 Sep 2006

*Can I boot the machine from the recovery disc without destroying all the files?*

Normally recovery discs return a system to an "as new" state, and all your updates and files would be wiped out.

If you can start up in "DOS" mode, you can then copy the file via floppy. click here it's Command Prompt mode you need to try.

Which one of the several versions should you use - I couldn't really find this out for your particular error - most of the errors when searching are for a different error message with the file. If you do a DOS mode coomand


you'll see all the places it exists - I think the one in C:\windows\system32 may be the one you need.

My one is shown as 474.112 bytes

  DieSse 17:17 19 Sep 2006

Please note there are spaces between DIR and SHLWAPI.DLL and /S

  johnanthony 13:29 20 Sep 2006

Thanks for all the input.

Can someone confirm that this problem is in the RAM. The microsoft expert advice suggests changing the RAM. I must admit this is better than changing the hard drive or reinstalling windows xp as hopefully the data will remain intact. As I live in Spain its going to be difficult to return the laptop to the supplier - Novatech near Portsmouth, but I can get a new RAM fitted locally. I am not sure technically of any of this and need some reassurances please.

Thanks again


  johnanthony 13:34 20 Sep 2006

Sorry, I should have said, I can't get windows to open in safe mode so cant get at any command prompts. Windows tries to load, there is a clicking noise under the keyboard, the screen goes blank and then I get the error message. To all intents and purposes the thing is dead.
As I see it I either try a reinstal of windows from the recovery disc
Get a new RAM
OR last resort get a new hard drive.

OR Chuck it in the sea ......
Any suggestions?

  DieSse 15:16 20 Sep 2006

*As I live in Spain....*

Replacement RAM modules and hard drives are easy to obtain, both via local stores and via the web.

I use click here and there is a store(franchises they are) near me. They will get anything in that they haven't got in stock, and then there is no delivery charge either. There are several other large franchises too - and PC-City (PC-World name in Spain) in large shopping cetres.

If you need any help identifying a source, I'll be happy to help if you wish. You can contact me direct via the yellow envelope if you wish to keep your location private. I'm in Almeria.

  DieSse 15:21 20 Sep 2006

Clicking from the hard drive can indicate a drive fault - or may just be the drive resetting itself as the error forces a reboot.

It's virtually impossible to say whethr you've actually got a hardware fault or just a software corruption of some kind.

Do you need to recover any vital information from the drive - which would lead to one set of actions - or are you happy to just try a re-install and "see what happens?

You could also try starting up with the XP CD and entering recovery mode (which is also a command line mode) - then try copying in the bad file from the floppy etc. before you take more drastic action

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