Bad graphics driver problems.

  skaleth 00:57 15 Jun 2008

Ok ill put this all in order..

- My PC ran fine for the last year until this week. While gaming i was getting random freezes (even the mouse froze) and the only thing i could do was manual restart.

- Freezing then started occuring when not gaming (just browsing or on msn)

- Heard that downloading the older nvidia driver might help and so i downloaded the older version.

- The freezing stopped for hours until while gaming it happened again. This time however i was still able to move my mouse and x out. When i did however, my pc had randomly changed its resolution to 800x600 and colour to just 4 bit like in this screenshot:

click here

When i tired to change, the resolution bar would not move and again i had to manual restart.

- The next time i got froze out i also got a blue screen. Apparently the problem was with nv4_disp.dll (driver?).

- Decided i best reinstall the newer driver and ofcourse im freezing again and having to restart.

Anyone able to help me?

Also when updating my drivers, my old ones are never in add/remove programs and so i always just have to install and allow to overwrite. Anyone know why the drivers aint appearing so i can uninstall first? thanks

  rdave13 01:11 15 Jun 2008

Sounds like your graphics card is going bad. I'd replace it soon as possible otherwise you'll have no input to your monitor when it packs in completely.

  MarvintheAndroid 09:14 15 Jun 2008

Sounds like it may be a corrupted graphics driver. Your system is running in the graphics equivalent of "safe mode".

Download the NVidia cleaner click here and use this to remove the old drivers. Then reboot, windows will ask for a driver or use its own. Don't be afraid to let windows use its own driver to begin with, they are designed for maximum stability.

If you are able to get the system back up and running, you can then choose which drivers to use. I would revert to the one you were using originally, as it seemed to work for the last year.


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