Bad FS Broadband Connection

  Jada 01:55 03 Jul 2003

Hello all

I have been with FS BB for approx. 3 months now, and during that time I have had top notch speeds. Over the last week or two browsing had become increasingly slow. However when I run a speedtest it always shows that i am getting full speed?

FS tech support have said it is because I am using an extension, but when I inform them that I have been using the same extension from the installation date, the answer from them is that a normal extension will gradually wear out!, and that I should be using an RJ11 cable which is better.

I have also noticed that the icon on the task bar for 'Connection Manager' can sometimes just disappear.

Sometimes my speed is great, especially if I unplug the modem and then put it back in, but this only lasts for about 5 mins. Has anyone any ideas....HELP..

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