Andsome 11:44 26 Jan 2005

On page 145 of the March edition of PCA, bottom left hand corner, there is some advice given that flies completely into the face of all that I have been taught. This is, that the Windows Firewall should be activated, then a SECOND FIREWALL INSTALLED, to provide a second layer of protection. I have always had it drilled into me that only ONE firewall and ONE AV program should be installed, because of the possibility of conflicts occurring. On line scan are OK as an additional layer of protection, but definitely NOT two programs installed. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  MichelleC 11:47 26 Jan 2005

Good point.

  ACOLYTE 11:48 26 Jan 2005

You can in theory have as many as you like installed but only one running at a time otherwise they may conflict,after all xp has a firewall and if you install another the windows one is still there just not used.

  Andsome 11:50 26 Jan 2005

The PCA article make no mention of this fact. My argument is that a complete beginner would almost certainly try to run multiple programs.

  ACOLYTE 11:51 26 Jan 2005

Another point if more than 1 AV program is used at once they may see each others virus definitions as threats and delete them making one AV useless.

  Andsome 11:56 26 Jan 2005

All the more reason for the advice to be considered as BAD

  ACOLYTE 12:04 26 Jan 2005

I see your point,having not read the article,not had chance to read any of it yet,lol i think the point about xp firewall being activated before you install another is in case you need to download another this way you are protected to some extent,and when you install another firewall
the windows one should turn itself off detecting that you installed another firewall,it doesn't always work that way tho and you need to do it manually.

  Andsome 12:12 26 Jan 2005

The following is as it is written in the magazine.

"Make sure that the Software firewall built into Windows XP is active-if you’ve installed Service Pack SP2, XP will warn you if it’s not switched on. Use the firewalls advance settings and add an extra layer of protection by installing a second firewall".

  Chezdez 12:16 26 Jan 2005

i have to agree, i've always been taught to use ONE firewall and ONE anti-virus, and i know tell anyone that asks the samething

as said though, a beginner would almost certainly try using 2 firewalls, and then they could conflict, and then thats somebody else who gets fed up with their sparkly new comp!!

  steven_frost 12:23 26 Jan 2005

depends i use 2 firewalls one built into my router and a software one

  ACOLYTE 12:25 26 Jan 2005

Hmmm,i cant see the point to the advice but windows firewall will only block incoming attacks
it pretty much lets anything out of the pc,so maybe thats why,there is a lot of settings to tweak in the windows FW and maybe they can have somthing to do with it.The other point is some begginer users have no idea what a firewall or AV is and wont have any installed.The Belts and Bracers approach in my opinion isnt needed anyway.

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