Backups prior to formatting HD

  Diemmess 11:50 27 Jan 2006

Short answer - Yes
Your question implies that you are not keeping a regular backup of this data, so if not, it is high time to set up a system of doing this regularly.

If you already have one or more folders of backed up data, then you can open the burner progamme, Add your folders of saved data and burn.

If you haven't a regime of backing up your work, download a freebie - EZBackitup, which will allow you to choose what to back up and where to store it for normal purposes.
If you only have one drive (C:) you should really be thinking of an extra (external HD) or at least run a pair of multisessional CDs to back up safely, (alternating their use so that at least one cd is likely to be OK in an emergency).

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