Backups and Acronis.

  Miros 14:56 28 Oct 2006

I note there has been a lot of threads lately on backups, I myself have had a few problems of late about this subject as a result my brother who is way ahead of me on this subject has sent me the following click here It's quite lengthy but what is interesting is the conclusion which basically endorses what a lot of members say about Acronis.

  rawprawn 15:25 28 Oct 2006

I think Acronis is an excellent program. The only problem I have is buying it. When I tried to upgrade yesterday to TI 10 when I get to the last page it comes up with an error. I have contacted Acronis and I await their reply. The same thing happened when I tried to upgrade to TI9

  woodchip 15:28 28 Oct 2006

I use TI9 and Acronis Disc Director 10

  Miros 15:38 28 Oct 2006

I have a copy that was going free a few weeks ago and posted on this web site, sad to say now discontinued.

  €dstowe 15:40 28 Oct 2006

Regarding upgrades to TI 10, I remember that when TI 9 was introduced there were some important teething problems with it. I'm waiting before I upgrade - if, indeed, I do. I'm quite happy with the Acronis that I have now so I don't see the need to change.

  Wak 17:26 28 Oct 2006

Hi, You state that you have had some problems regarding backups in the past?
If it's still of interest to you you can do a full backup of a hard drive using XXCOPY for Win 98SE/ME and XXCLONE forWin XP, available FREE from click here and click here
All you need is another hard drive to copy to and the above programs will clone your entire C:\ drive, including the Registry, O/S, and installed programs and files.
There's no need to partition if you have a spare H/drive.
To restore a faulty system simply adjust the BIOS to load from the spare drive (which will now become the C:\ drive) and, once the good info has been restored to the faulty drive, adjust the BIOS back to how it was.
I've used this system for back-up for about 4 years now.
Hope this helps in some way.

  Miros 20:21 28 Oct 2006

Thanks, where were you when I needed you:-)

No, it's to late I have had one hell of a time, lost count of reinstalls repairs etc, final massive problem for me was buying an External Hard Drive which turned out to be faulty within a couple of weeks of purchase. Result lost everything after a complete reinstall, well almost, did save all my photos, some music gone, security could be compromised if they don't bin the returned External HD as promised on return of goods, i.e. banking and such details are buried in that drive somewhere, so not a happy chappie at moment.

That's the down side, on up side PC now running like new with all crap gone, and I await delivery of new Ex HD at lower price than before,which comes with recommendations on this forum see click here
Thanks anyway for your interest.

  Miros 06:00 29 Oct 2006

Here is another article that recommends Acronis, You can't get away from it.
click here

  Miros 06:19 29 Oct 2006

I'm not very PC savvy and replied to your response without reading in detail the contents of the link you gave. I have now read it and though it's a little (a lot?) above my head I think I will take advantage of it for the future, that is once I get my head around it.
Thank you very much. Miros.

  Enoch 06:43 29 Oct 2006

Miros----what a great article and info your brother directed you to.

Because of a major loss on my laptop PC a few years ago I have become a backup fanatic. I use a mobile external drive. I backup to this once a fortnight using Acronis and on the intervening week I backup using Norton Ghost. That way I back up twice to the external drive using two programmes in case one gets corrupted (for any reason).

Also, believe it or not, I back up my MyDocuments folder to a flash memory stick every other day.

I know it seems overkill, but my major loss of my information on my PC (about 4 years ago) taught me a lot, and it will not happen again

  Miros 07:02 29 Oct 2006

I have just got out of a major disaster loosing a lot of info in the process, always relying on system restore in the past which finally let me down, hence my interest in above backup articles.

So I know the feeling of how you feel when it happens. Never mind still not feeding the daisy's are we :-)

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