Backup?External Hard Drives?Is There A Better Way?

  Big L 266 13:53 22 Apr 2010


I've recently backed-up my entire music file on to two external hard-drives.Each full back-up took between 4 and 6 hours. (It was copying 38000 tracks over 185Gb.

Is it possible for both external hard-drives to back-up together? I haven't tried this in case something goes wrong. Also,are there any faster newer external hard-drives available to do this kind of job even quicker?

Your valued opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your kind help.

Big L 266

  Technotiger 13:57 22 Apr 2010

4 - 6 hours, struth, what backup program are you using - I back-up my entire hard drive and validate the backup in less than 1 hour, using Acronis True Image!

  Big L 266 14:14 22 Apr 2010

Hello Technotiger.

Indeed 'strewth' is the watchword! I have no idea what backup programme is in use. All I do is plug the Western Digital and Maxtor into the computer according to the set-up and then copy & paste the file as I've done for the past few years. They've always taken ages to do and I've rather got used to the time it takes.

Going to have a look at your Acronis True Image.

Big L 266

  canarieslover 14:15 22 Apr 2010

Are they being seen as USB 1 instead of USB 2 drives? That might account for the long back-up time. I'm in agreement with Technotiger inasmuch as I can back-up that much data in an hour. I'm using Easeus ToDo which works similarly to Acronis, but it's free.
click here

  Big L 266 14:27 22 Apr 2010

I've just had a look at the Acronis True Image and then the Easeus ToDo and I get the impression they're both offsite storage firms. Is that correct? If they are,then neither would be of any interest to me I'm afraid.

I don't know how the computer reads the drives.I just plug in,wait for them to warm up,and then copy and paste. I don't know any other way to do it.

Are there any newer up-to-date external hard drives which are quicker then?

Big L 266

  canarieslover 14:35 22 Apr 2010

You are quite wrong about Acronis and Easeus. They will back-up to an external hard drive very easily. They also allow incremental back-ups where they transfer only altered/different files from your machine to the external drive.

  Technotiger 14:56 22 Apr 2010

All my backups with Acronis are stored on an external hard drive, as is the norm with most Acronis users.

  awest3 15:50 22 Apr 2010

I use Acronis..brilliant...Amazon have an offer on at the mo...£19.99..worth that and more.
I used to use their software when I worked on Mainframe never missed a beat..

  Diemmess 16:08 22 Apr 2010

It may have been Technotiger who a few years ago commended EZBackitup as a freebie which behaves like a batch file.

Set up mostly by drag and drop from an explorer type windows, then choose where the copy is to go.

Not difficult to set, and after the first run, all succeeding runs are only two clicks away and miles faster second time and onwards.
The program can be set to overwrite any changed files in the destination, or skip past if there has been no change.

I use Acronis for the OS and Apps backup, and EZBackit up because of its speed for all my data.

  scotty 16:44 22 Apr 2010

Slow copying - are you using Vista? It has a poor reputation for speed of copying.

You should not need to do full backups after an initial backup. You only need to copy new files. I use simple batch files with XCOPY (ROBOCOPY in Vista) commands to perform incremental backups.

Read up on XCOPY at click here

Example commands:
ROBOCOPY C:\Music\ F:\ /XO /S
This will copy files from C:\Music to an external device (change drive letter as required). /XO means do not overwrite files with same or newer date stamp. /S copies sub-folders.

XCOPY C:\Music\*.* F:\*.* /S /F /H /Y is a similar XCOPY command.

  ame 17:06 22 Apr 2010

If you really want a faster drive this one is for you. click here However before you go down that rather expensive route you'd best find out why your current setup is so slow as advised by others above.

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