Backup wizard -help needed!

  badgery 08:14 28 May 2004

Being long in the tooth, but possibly short on brain, can anyone assist?
I am attempting to use the 'Backup or Restore Wizard'. I have XP home.
I get the 'welcome page', then from the list of 4 tasks choose the last one (Let me choose what to backup). I insert a blank CD into my machine and using 'Browse' select D/.
When I then try to go on a box headed
'Backup Utility' comes up with "The backup filename could not be used.
Please ensure there is a valid path, and that you have sufficient access.

If I insert a floppy copying takes place OK - but not much use when I wish to backup a lot of files etc.
Am I making some fundamental error??

  Diodorus Siculus 08:22 28 May 2004

Do you perhaps need a CD-RW disk?

My preference is for a manual backup. Have a look at the following for info: click here

  badgery 08:44 28 May 2004

Thanks for response, put CD-RW disc in and got exactly the same result.
I do backups using other progs, but wanted to try the XP one - but will possibly just give up on it.
Goes against the grain, as I hate not knowing why!!
Thanks again though.

  alan227 08:49 28 May 2004

Have a look at this it might explain your problem.
click here

  Falkyrn 08:59 28 May 2004

Although the backup wizard is installed the backup utility program is NOT installed by default with XP Home although it is on the CD...

click here;en-us;320820
from the MS Site has more information regarding this

Knowledgbase article 320820 on the MS Site

  christmascracker 09:00 28 May 2004

I dont think you can backup directly to cd.

Try backing up to a folder somewhere on HDD and then burn it to cd

  badgery 09:22 28 May 2004

Thanks Alan227, went through and tried your link but still came back to same box eventually!

Falkyrn, yes I am aware and have downloaded from MS the appropriate prog, as I did not have an XP disc (factory loaded prog only). But thanks.

Am now losing the will to live - backups via my previous mode seem to be the easy answer!
Thanks to all.

  Stuartli 09:52 28 May 2004

XP has its own Backup facility, including a wizard, but it is not installed by default in Home, only XP Pro.

If you want to install it you do so from your XP Home CD. Open the CD-ROM (you might want to right click it from My Computer and then select Browse) and look for \valueadd\msft\ntbackup

The file to be installed is NTBACKUP.MSI which you double click on to begin installation.

  badgery 10:29 28 May 2004

Stuartli - yes it is XP home backup I am trying to use, and as I said to Falkyrn, I did download this from the MS site as I did not have the full XP Home disc, having only a factory installed recovery disc setup.

  GroupFC 10:30 28 May 2004

I am pretty sure Christmascracker has the answer!

For some unknown reason Microsoft's own back up utility will not let you back up direct to CD! It only lets you back up to floppies (as you rightly point out - useless, given the amount of information one needs to back up these days!) or another folder somewhere on your HD (which can then burned to CD).

"I do backups using other progs" - best to stick with this and forget about using XP's backup utility!

  Falkyrn 12:54 28 May 2004

Having reread the MS article it would appear that Christmascracker is correct ... Direct CD burning is not supported... the only recognised formats appear to be tapestreaming,floppy or copy to hard drive

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