Backup in WinXP

  [email protected] 15:55 02 Sep 2004

Just a bit of guidance really. I have downloaded XPSP2 but stopped at installation as it advises me to backup first. I have never backed up anything before! I searched the Help stuff and found the backup is not installed by default on XP Home (my system) but can be installed from the disc. I have the disc. I am in an area I have never been before, please could someone hold my hand and let me have it in easy to understand steps. Thanks in advance.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:06 02 Sep 2004

To Manually Install the Backup Utility

Insert the CD Rom and navigate to CD-ROM Drive:\VALUEADD\MSFT\NTBACKUP

Double-click the Ntbackup.msi file to start the wizard that installs Backup

When the wizard is complete, click Finish

  [email protected] 16:06 02 Sep 2004

Hmmm - I have just read the following, plastered all over the wrapping of the disc -"Do not open or attempt to use this CD without the specific instruction to do so from the Mesh technical support department". The PC was new from Mesh well over a year ago so is this really necessary?

  [email protected] 16:08 02 Sep 2004

Thanks Diodorus - posted the bit about Mesh before I saw your reply. PC is over 2yrs old actually.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:08 02 Sep 2004

That is a strange one... is it a winxp CD or a backup disk?

You have nothing to lose by opening the disk and using windows explorer to see what is on it.

  [email protected] 16:16 02 Sep 2004

OK. On the face of the wrapping it's typical Microsoct XP colours and logo's with the words "MS Windows XP Home Edition - for distribution with Mesh computors". On the CD itself, inside the clear wrapping, it says "Mesh Computers Recovery CD-ROM". Bit further down it says "W XP Home" then "Mesh" again.

  [email protected] 09:13 03 Sep 2004

Thanks Diodorus S. I have the go ahead from Mesh to use the CD-ROM disc in order to install the backup facility and their instructions are the same as yours so thanks for that. They did advise however, not to install SP2 until all the bugs are fixed; something I was not aware of! Will there be some sort of announcement when it's OK?

  Diodorus Siculus 09:20 03 Sep 2004

I don't know much about SP2 - I installed it last night for a friend and it seems to have gone on ok. She is on BB so it was a quick process. I have a laptop with XP so haven't yet intstalled it.

I use Win2k on my desktop usually so am now up to SP4 on that!

click here for the SP2 forum which I am sure you know of anyway... lots of discussion there.

  [email protected] 09:26 03 Sep 2004

OK, thanks. The download was 70Mb and now I have a little "world" icon nagging me to install downloaded updates... Never mind, I will hang on a bit. I am happy to have the backup facility though. Cheers.

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