Backup /system restore

  Muergo 12:04 17 Aug 2009

As I am backing up to an external hard drive using Acronis, I assume that I don't need System Restore.
Apart from turning it off, how do I free up drive space by clearing out whatever it has already stored.
I have all the OEM discs to reinstall the basics, is there anything else I should backup onto a DVD?

  Technotiger 13:34 17 Aug 2009

I would advise you to keep System Restore - very useful for minor hiccups! I use Acronis, but also keep System Restore doing its own thing too.

  Chas49 13:49 17 Aug 2009

Heed Technotiger's advice, system restore often gets you out of trouble quickly - like when an Windows update gives you problems!

  Muergo 14:25 17 Aug 2009

Thank you for your fast replies, I am in dire need of internal disc space, I had better fix that before doing anything else.
System Restore only seems to work for me in Safe mode, otherwise it comes back "unable", what could be doing that?

  Technotiger 14:43 17 Aug 2009

It could be that you do not have enough empty space on your hard drive for System Restore to work - it needs at least 15% of you overall hard-drive capacity, though more is better.

Regular de-frags and emptying the Temp folder in Windows would go some way to retrieving some space. You could also look through your programs and get rid of any that you could perhaps do without.

You could backup your My Pictures and My Documents to DVD or preferably an external USB hard drive - this would also be the best place to keep your regular full backups, especially if you use Acronis True Image.

  Technotiger 14:45 17 Aug 2009

Doh ... ignore my last comment about external drive and Acronis :-)

  john bunyan 14:49 17 Aug 2009

Have a look at this thread!
click here

  Muergo 15:22 17 Aug 2009

Surely if there was not enough space on hard drive Sys Rest would not work in Safe mode either?

I have printed out the link from john bunyan to peruse closely, and must open the box! to see if I have another bay for extra hard drive, it's a miracle it is working at all with just 6Gb left available, also will put all photos onto a new external hard drive,

Is it O.K. to have two external USB hard drives?? I have in mind using the existing one for backup and the other purely for photos.

  Technotiger 16:35 17 Aug 2009

Yes, it is perfectly ok to have two external hard drives - I have two external USB drives on my setup.

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