backup software

  anzac 14:45 20 Mar 2005

Can anyone please advise as to the best backup software that is easy to use and not to expensive

  Belatucadrus 14:55 20 Mar 2005
  pj123 15:57 20 Mar 2005

Depends on what you are thinking of backing up to.

If you are backing up to another hard disk then xxcopy or xxclone (depending on your OS) are free and can be downloaded from click here or click here

If you are backing up to DVD/CD then Nero 6 has a module called Backitup which I use to backup to DVD. I do also backup to a separate Hard disk about every 6 months using xxcopy. The hard disk is then taken out of the pc and stored.

  sattman 18:39 20 Mar 2005

As pj 123 says it all depends what you wish to back up.

I have tried most over the years and have found the best most secure is the full image backup, such as Drive image or Ghost. A single disk can be partioned but much safer to fit another drive.
I have piece of mind that what ever happens I can have a full exact system restore back up and running at the touch of a key in 30mins.

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