Backup or Copy BT mail ?

  Diemmess 12:18 18 Dec 2013

Have almost recovered from a phishing attack.

It seems that most of my data is held in my name by BT, so the attack caused the loss contents of all my address book, and the of inbox since Oct 2012.

I trod the awful path trying to gain some help from over excited sub-continental agents quoting The Bumper-Fun book of irrelevancies.

At least they stopped the robbery and saw me on the road with a new password. They also took me away from Yahoo to BT mail.

Please tell me of a step by step method where I can save emails and addresses away from the possibility of losing everything if in my stupidity anther attack succeeded.

  rdave13 12:39 18 Dec 2013

Thunderbird email client seems to work, have a look at this thead. Might be useful.

  wiz-king 12:56 18 Dec 2013

Do you have MS Office with Outlook?

  Batch 13:55 18 Dec 2013

Storing things in the cloud is inherently exposed to what you have already suffered. To take control you need to store things locally and back them up.

So you'll need s suitable email client (such as Thunderbird) and I would recommend settting it up to use POP servers (rather than IMAP) so that all of the emails (i.e. each entire email) is automatically downloaded to your computer (I guess this can probably be done with IMAP, but I prefer POP).

Then you can take regular backups (on to an external hard disk / USB pen drive). In the case of Thunderbird you would need to locate your Thunderbird profile folder and back this up. Alternatively just do regular complete system backups (using something like Acronis True Image or Macrium Reflect).

  Diemmess 15:32 18 Dec 2013

Thanks for encouraging answers. XP is the platform or version of my Windows.

I use Google Chrome (I think)

I have Microsoft Outlook 2007. BT installed it for me but didn't offer to show me around. Is this the answer, I have a lot to learn?

Thunderbird I knew not until this thread! I can download it but am anxious that if I reach configuration I get it right. I don't want to deepen my fog. With Thunderbird must I load and configure Mozilla first?

I'm confident to able to deal with all the email data once in another drive, but what I cannot manage so far is to collect data from within BT Mail and be able to put it somewhere, safely, by itself or backed up as I would with folders of graphic stuff, lists and words and a few .exe

  wiz-king 16:15 18 Dec 2013

Use Outlook. It should set up automatically but if not the settings are:- [email protected] Port 110 for incoming (POP3) and Port 25 for outgoing (SMTD)

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