backup my programs

  havent a clue 19:06 06 Feb 2006

can anyone help i'm trying to put a program from my pc to a disc so l can then use the program on my lap top, thats if its possible.

  stalion 19:07 06 Feb 2006

can you tell us what the program is?

  Diemmess 19:10 06 Feb 2006

If your laptop is no way connected to your PC then you have to install the program (application0 from scratch.
If your two computers are linked by a variety of electronic means, then one acts as a sever and the other as a work station and most software is shared.

  havent a clue 19:10 06 Feb 2006

the program is limewire pro 4.6.0

  havent a clue 19:19 06 Feb 2006

no my lap top is not connected to my pc, l thought l could just put the program onto a disc then install it on lap top.

  stalion 19:20 06 Feb 2006

I suggest you read this thread in the Speakers forum ( music sharing is limewire legal if you pay?????)

  Diemmess 19:30 06 Feb 2006

There are some stand-alone programs (usually small ones) where you could use the carrying disk idea and copied to your laptop would run.

The heavyweights like Word, graphics, and the rest, all need to be installed i.e. integrated with Windows on a specific computer.

Data of all sorts can easily be carted about. Used or saved on different machines, but I don't think that is what you meant.

  havent a clue 19:52 06 Feb 2006

ok goodie 2 shoes (stalion) i bet not. is it possible to do this with another program like, RECORD NOW.

  stalion 19:55 06 Feb 2006

sorry that you feel that way but there are forum rules

  havent a clue 20:01 06 Feb 2006

am not asking anyone to brake the rules, was just looking for some help.SORRY YOU TOOK IT THAT WAY.

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