Backup my laptop

  collinsc 14:22 08 Nov 2008

When i first purchased my laptop i made some back up disks as advised.

Now ive forgotten what im doing! brain freeze!

I have about 40GB of Documents and 60GB of applications.
I have an external HD which i periodically save my documents on to.

Can anyone advise what i need to do to ensure i dont lose all the application stuff too. is it worth doing backups to CD (DVD?) or is tehre too much GB?


  DippyGirl 15:29 08 Nov 2008

DVD will hold about 4.5Gb (or 8+Gb if Dual layer)
If you have an external drive -depending on its capacity and the size of the system you may want to consider Imaging s/w - Acronis True Image gets very good reviews
This would Copy and Image your whole machine to the external drive - If disaster strikes you can then restore the O/S., Apps and data from the external drive
May want to Backup important Document/Images/Music etc. to DVD as well - just in case the external drive dies

  DippyGirl 15:31 08 Nov 2008

"Copy and Image your whole" should read "Copy an Image of your whole"

  mgmcc 15:31 08 Nov 2008

Your best option is probably to use a program such as "Acronis True Image" to create a backup "image" file of your entire laptop hard drive. In the event of problems, the "image" can be restored so that you are back to exactly where you were at the time the image was created. Obviously you need to keep the backups up-to-date.

  collinsc 15:55 08 Nov 2008

thanks guys - and thats about £40 yes? (had a quick lok on site).
whereas i could buy an ext HD to voer my GB requirements for a little bit more?

  Batch 17:49 08 Nov 2008

You should be able to get Acronis True Image for aound £20 or less - See amazon for example.

I'm still using V8 and it does the job, although I don't think you can download the latest updates from Acronis website for this version.

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