Backup of MS Vista HP Updates

  Covergirl 10:48 24 Mar 2010

I've been nagged into either buying W7 or returning to Vista HP after a nice lengthy period on the Release Candidate for W7.

So I've gone back to Vista HP as I can't spot an awful lot of difference necessitating the c.£80 spend.

Most of my time since re-installing (from my backup) on Saturday has been spent downloading and installing updates including SP1 and SP2 for VHP.
These updates have eaten into my TalkTalk monthly allowance and I was wondering if it was possible to save these updates to disk, so if in the near future I have to reinstall for some reason, I could then just copy the updates off disk and be back at the same stage of updates as I am now on this date today.

I envisage it won't be as simple as I think because the updates appear to be phased so (for example) I get SP1 before I get SP2.

Anyone any ideas please ?

  MAJ 11:32 24 Mar 2010

When you have your computer how you like it, take an image of the drive with Acronis True Image (if you have it) or Easeus ToDo Backup click here

  rdave13 20:26 24 Mar 2010

If you would rather download the patches, updates, rather than immaging or cloning, then have a browse here; click here
Keep clear of the ads links.

  Covergirl 13:05 26 Mar 2010

MAJ - I will investigate Acronis and Easeus in due course - I'm still downloading updates, another three last night!

rdave13 Thanks for the link but I don't really want to download them all again if I can help it, although that site tells me SP1 And SP2 contains all the updates to May 2009 which is good information. Unfortunately there are a few GB of updates to download after that for the rest of 2009, then the 2010 updates . . .

Now if I could just find SP1 & SP2 on my C: drive . . . .

Any more suggestions gratefully received before I tick Resolved?

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